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Divorce Help in California

Obtaining inexpensive divorce help in California can save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses. From working with a non-profit agency, using a law school clinic or an experienced legal document assistant, learn how to file for divorce in California without a lawyer and without spending thousands of dollars!

Downside of Using Printable Divorce Papers

Looking for printable divorce papers? There is a downside of using generic divorce papers for your California divorce. Free divorce papers may give you exactly what you paid for - wrong forms, wrong information or both. Here is a low-cost option to complete your divorce without hiring an expensive divorce lawyer.

How to Register an Out-of-State Custody Order

There are several reasons to register an out-of-state custody order: 1) when a parent has filed a custody action outside of California of 2) when a parent has moved to California after obtaining an order in another state. You should register an out-of-state custody order as soon as possible. Learn how A People's Choice can help.

How to Start a Divorce in California

Getting a divorce can be a complicated process. People often comment on how easy it is to get married and how difficult it is to get divorced. Actually, the steps to start a divorce in California are fairly simple. With the help of A People's Choice, finishing a divorce can also be easy, stress-free and inexpensive.

Grounds For Emergency Custody or Visitation Order

If a child’s health and safety are in danger, a court will grant an emergency custody or visitation order. If a parent hides a child, threatens to kidnap them, abuses a child or refuses medial treatment to a child, a parent may consider filing an ex parte request for emergency custody or visitation orders.

How to Register a Foreign Child Support Order in California

Learn how to register a foreign child support order in California. When you register a foreign child support order in California, the California court will have the power to collect and enforce the child support order of another state. Here are the steps to register a foreign child support order in California.

How to Get a California Ex Parte Child Custody Order

The purpose of requesting a California ex parte child custody order is to allow a judge to hear and make a decision on a legal issue on short notice rather than on the court’s regular calendar. Learn the court requirements to get a California ex parte child custody order approved.

Understand and Compare the Differences Between Child Support and Family Support in California

When you compare California child support and family support, it is important to understand not only how they are calculated, but also what the different tax consequences are for each.

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