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Serve Divorce Documents on Incarcerated Spouse

The California divorce process remains the same whether a spouse is in jail or not. California does not offer special privileges or treat the incarcerated spouse differently than a non-incarcerated spouse during the divorce process. With this in mind, you must work with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to serve the divorce documents on your incarcerated spouse.ead on to learn how to serve divorce documents on incarcerated spouse.

How to File Divorce When a Spouse is in Jail

It is possible to file divorce when a spouse is in jail. You do not have to have a specific reason to divorce, such as your spouse’s felony conviction, to file a divorce. In other words, California’s no-fault divorce laws allow married couples to divorce just because they no longer get along or they no longer want to be married. In this regard, most couples file a California divorce due to "irreconcilable differences." However, the married couple must meet California’s residency requirements to file for divorce. Read on to learn more about how to file divorce when a spouse is in jail.

How to File a QDRO After Divorce

It is not necessary to divide all retirements plans in a divorce. However, if the court has ordered the division of a retirement account, or the parties have agreed to divide one or more retirement account, it will be necessary to file a QDRO after divorce. Here are the steps on how to file a QDRO after divorce.

Child Custody Mediation in California

Couples with children going through a divorce or legal separation often do not agree on child custody and visitation matters. In this regard, the couple should strongly consider attending child custody mediation. We first must assume that both parents are responsible and abuse is not involved. With this in mind, child custody mediation allows parents to reach an agreement regarding child custody without the court imposing their own solution.

Divorce Help in California

Obtaining inexpensive divorce help in California can save you thousands of dollars in legal expenses. From working with a non-profit agency, using a law school clinic or an experienced legal document assistant, learn how to file for divorce in California without a lawyer and without spending thousands of dollars!

Downside of Using Printable Divorce Papers

Looking for printable divorce papers? There is a downside of using generic divorce papers for your California divorce. Free divorce papers may give you exactly what you paid for - wrong forms, wrong information or both. Here is a low-cost option to complete your divorce without hiring an expensive divorce lawyer.

How to Register an Out-of-State Custody Order

There are several reasons to register an out-of-state custody order: 1) when a parent has filed a custody action outside of California of 2) when a parent has moved to California after obtaining an order in another state. You should register an out-of-state custody order as soon as possible. Learn how A People's Choice can help.

How to Start a Divorce in California

Getting a divorce can be a complicated process. People often comment on how easy it is to get married and how difficult it is to get divorced. Actually, the steps to start a divorce in California are fairly simple. With the help of A People's Choice, finishing a divorce can also be easy, stress-free and inexpensive.

Grounds For Emergency Custody or Visitation Order

If a child’s health and safety are in danger, a court will grant an emergency custody or visitation order. If a parent hides a child, threatens to kidnap them, abuses a child or refuses medial treatment to a child, a parent may consider filing an ex parte request for emergency custody or visitation orders.

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