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How to File Probate in Placer County

Learn how to file probate in Placer county without a lawyer. Discover how the probate process works in Placer County, which Placer court handles probate. how to view probate examiner notes and contact a Placer County probate referee.

How to Deal With Creditors and Debts in California Probate

California has specific laws and rules about the process required to deal with creditors and debts in California probate. It is the estate’s executor or appointed representative's responsibility to notify all creditors of the probate proceedings. This notification allows creditors to make and file formal claims against the probate estate. It is important to note that creditors and interested parties usually have a limited amount of time to file a claim.

Understanding the Definition of Common Probate Terms

There are many common probate terms used in California probate matters. Common probate terms and confusing legal words are often found on legal forms and used by the Judge during court hearings. We have compiled a list of such terms for you to familiarize yourself with through the probate process.

How to File Probate in Nevada County, California

Want to learn how to file probate in Nevada County? If you have done your research, you may have sticker shock at the statutory attorney fees allowed under California law. Imagine if there was a way to avoid paying attorneys fees and save thousands of dollars! Here's how...

How to Lodge a Will in California and File Probate

Most Executors have a hard time giving up possession of a decedent's original will. However, by law, the custodian of an original will must lodge the will with the Superior Court within 30 days of learning of the testator’s death. This is a statutory requirement under California Probate Code Section 8200. Keep in mind, the custodian can face legal penalties if they do not lodge a will in a timely fashion.

Discover Cheap Probate Options in California

Here is a secret: Despite common belief, there are cheap probate options available in California and one of the best options is filing probate without an attorney! This secret is not usually shared by attorneys as many of them will try to make potential clients fearful of filing probate without assistance. In fact, most estate executors can complete the probate process without legal representation if they have proper help.

How to File Probate in Sierra County, California

A People’s Choice can help you file probate in Sierra County and save you money in the process. Did you know you don't have to hire an attorney to file probate in Sierra County? Yes, it is true! As a non-attorney legal document assistant, A People's Choice can help you draft the documents you need to probate your loved one’s estate. In fact, we can help you complete the entire probate process for a fraction of the cost an attorney will charge. Read on to learn more about how to file probate in Sierra County.

How to File Probate in Shasta County

Do you need to file probate in Shasta County? Save money and represent yourself! Contact A People’s Choice about our probate document preparation services. Our probate staff can help you file the forms you need to probate your loved one’s estate in California - from filing the petition to distributing the estate.

Best Ways to Avoid Probate in California

We all work hard during life and hope we'll be able to pass an inheritance to our children. California probate is expensive and time-consuming, taking between 8-12 months to complete. Here are the three best ways to avoid probate in California and to make sure your beneficiaries receive the most of your estate.

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