If you need California probate help and have inherited the responsibility to wrap up the affairs of a deceased family member or friend in California, you may find yourself wading through the process of probate.

In California, law allows for statutory fees to be paid to the attorney handling the probate proceeding for the estate. These fees are very high and are based on the value of the estate. The greater the assets the estate owns, the higher your statutory attorney’s fees.  You can find out what the statutory attorney fees would be using our online probate calculator. There is an alternative, however. You can save yourself from paying these statutory probate attorney fees by handling the probate process yourself.

The probate process is very procedural.  A typical complete California probate has many detailed steps and can take 5 to 7 months to complete.  However, with the right California probate help from a professional service such as A People’s Choice, you can easily complete the California probate process on your own without having to hire an attorney and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

What is the Cost for California Probate Help?

The cheapest way to get through the probate process would be to buy a self-help book on how to probate an estate in California, which typically costs under $50.00 and is fairly comprehensive about the probate process. The downside of using a book is that these books are published works and, as a result, not regularly updated. California court forms typically are revised once or twice a year. Form revisions sometimes also trigger procedural changes. If a book has been published prior to any revisions to forms or process, forms prepared from book instructions may be rejected. The probate process can also be very intimidating. Handling a legal proceeding over a period of 5-7 months is not something that most people want to tackle on their own without some sort of professional help.

The second cheapest alternative for California probate help is to hire a non-attorney professional legal document assistant experienced in probate procedures. A legal document assistant can prepare all the required forms for the probate case from beginning to end, making sure that all the steps in between are promptly and properly completed. This will enable your probate to be finalized quickly and take the burden off you to make sure that the case is proceeding as it should. Most services charge a flat fee for the document preparation required in the entire probate process (typically under $4,000 for the entire probate). You will also have third-party fees such as court filing fees, newspaper publication fees, etc. which are not part of the document preparation service fees paid to the legal document assistant. Be wary of any legal document assistant service which bases its fees for California probate help and probate document preparation from a percentage (%) of the value of the estate. The value of the estate has little to no bearing on the amount of work required in the probate process and should not be factored into the value of the document preparation work being performed.

A People’s Choice Provides Low-Cost California Probate Help

If you are considering filing for Probate  in California, need help and want to avoid the high cost of statutory attorney’s fees, contact A People’s Choice for low-cost help. You can also visit our website for more information about filing California probate including the steps for filing a probate in California. A People’s Choice can help you prepare all the required legal documents to help you file a California probate without having to hire a lawyer.

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