Even a Cheap California Divorce Lawyer Might be Wasting Your Money

People in all tax brackets get divorced, and there are divorce lawyers to fit almost any budget. Some law firms market their services to a wealthy clientele by using such buzzwords as “high net worth divorce.” Others advertise themselves as a cheap California divorce lawyer who provides legal services to the 99%. What a so-called cheap California divorce lawyer does not tell you, though, is that getting divorced without hiring a lawyer at all is easier than you think. While some divorce law firms may provide valuable services at a reasonable price to people who really need a divorce lawyer, it is a waste of money to hire a California divorce lawyer, even a cheap one, if you do not really need one. The professional expertise you need might be that of a California legal document assistant, not a cheap California divorce lawyer, and the good news is that professional document preparation services cost a lot less than hiring a lawyer.

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