Hiring a bankruptcy attorney in today’s economy can cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Therefore, many people in California are looking for ways to file a cheap bankruptcy with petition preparers.

Cheap Bankruptcy Options

There are two main options for people looking to file a cheap bankruptcy:

  1. Download the bankruptcy forms from the court’s website and fill them independently.
  2. Hire the services of a bankruptcy petition preparer who can prepare all the bankruptcy documentation for you with the information you provide. Please note: A People’s Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services.

Bankruptcy Petition Preparation Services

The documentation necessary to file bankruptcy often consists of 65 to 85 pages. This fact alone makes preparing bankruptcy documentation overwhelming. Therefore, many people looking to file a cheap bankruptcy are choosing to hire a bankruptcy petition preparer. This enables debtors to complete their bankruptcy documents with less stress and without hiring an expensive attorney.

A bankruptcy petition preparer can prepare all official bankruptcy forms and any other required local district forms. However, the preparer’s services must be provided within the guidelines of the bankruptcy rules. For example, one of these rules requires the person filing the bankruptcy to complete a questionnaire providing the preparer with the necessary information for the bankruptcy paperwork.

Before technology, this questionnaire was a confusing written worksheet. Thankfully, with today’s technological advances, many bankruptcy petition preparers use a more user-friendly online interview process. This process enables debtors to gather and provide all the required information from the convenience of their home or office.

Not All Cheap Bankruptcy Solutions Are The Same

Anyone contemplating hiring a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer must investigate to ensure they are using a legitimate company. Also, they must ensure the service will provide ALL of the required bankruptcy documents for their district, not just the official forms.

Unfortunately, our office no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services. However, if you are in the California Central District, the court offers a free online bankruptcy document preparation service which you may want to check out.

Before you hire a bankruptcy petition preparer, check out the company’s reviews and contact the Better Business Bureau to investigate their reputation. Surprisingly, bankruptcy petition preparers are not required to hold any special license, skill, or knowledge. Additionally, they do not need to pass any kind of test to prepare bankruptcy documents for the public. Ultimately, you can find a cheap bankruptcy solution without spending thousands of dollars on an attorney – you just have to do your research.