You probably conducted an online internet search for cheap divorce ventura and found our website. If you are looking for a professional, cheap and inexpensive Ventura divorce service, you have come to the right place. A People’s Choice has been a long-standing member of the Ventura community, providing divorce document preparation services in Ventura County for over 35 years.

Did you know that about 85% of families filing for divorce in Ventura DO NOT HAVE AN ATTORNEY?  This DOES NOT mean they all figured out how to complete their divorce on their own without some type of professional divorce help! A People’s Choice is a highly trained and well-respected non-attorney legal document assistant’s office dedicated to helping self-represented people successfully navigate the family courts. Today more and more people are using non-attorney legal document preparation services to complete their divorce instead of trying to sort through the maze of required paperwork themselves or hiring an expensive lawyer.

As a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service, we are authorized under California law to work directly with clients without attorney supervision. This means that our customers save thousands of dollars when going through a divorce proceeding compared to using the services of an attorney. Whether you need help filing for your divorce, help with child or spousal support orders, or help resolving your custody or visitation issues, we offer low-cost divorce services no one else does.

Don’t be fooled by cheap online divorce services who often merely offer customers blank or partially completed forms. We are very different from other divorce document preparation services you might have come across because we take our clients completely through the divorce process. Not only do we prepare the required divorce paperwork, we file the divorce Petition and all other court required documents during the case, managing the case to completion, and communicating with you as needed along the way.

Cheap Divorce Ventura, California!

We understand that going through divorce can be stressful. People looking for inexpensive divorce help are often experiencing new financial pressures, may be dealing with the difficulties of single parenting and trying to adjust to new burdens brought upon by this major life change. A People’s Choice offers several easy ways of getting your divorce started. For those people who don’t want to complete worksheets or questionnaires, you can come into our Ventura or Simi Valley office and we will prepare your documents right on the spot for signing. If it is inconvenient to come into the office, we can take your information over the phone. We also offer a convenient online interview process for people who just can’t find time to set aside during the normal working day.

As a legal document preparation service, we will prepare and process your divorce paperwork in the same way as a lawyer would, we just can’t give you legal advice. Our office has a daily court run to the Ventura County Superior Court, enabling your paperwork to be processed and submitted for filing immediately.

When you first call our office, we will take the time to find out what your specific situation is. We will ask questions about whether you have children, own real property, if you and your spouse think you can agree on the issues, discuss what issues you may not be able to agree upon, and other pertinent matters. During this conversation you will have plenty of opportunity to ask us questions you may have about the divorce process.

Since all of our fees are flat fees, we will tell you exactly what the cost will be to complete your divorce to final Judgment. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it is to use our services.

If you are ready to start your divorce, we will arrange to prepare your paperwork in the most convenient way for you. California law requires every client to execute a contract before any services can be started, so this will be the very first thing we will have you sign. Once the contract is signed, we can then immediately start preparing the required paperwork.

If you come into the office for a one-on-one appointment, please expect to sign your divorce documentation that day. At that first appointment, we discuss proposed terms for your Marital Settlement Agreement. The reason we draft the settlement agreement at the beginning is to give you a framework of the issues, enabling you to communicate with each other clearly, without fuss, and work through your mutual concerns. If your spouse is presented with a proposed agreement when they receive the paperwork it takes the pressure off them to file a Response. The Marital Settlement Agreement is a clear picture of what you are willing to agree to, and keeps the lines of communication clear from the start. At the end of your appointment your signed divorce documents will be submitted to the court for processing on the following day.

The Ventura County court takes about 5 to 7 days to process and return the paperwork to our office. It is easy to check the Ventura court docket to see exactly when your paperwork has been processed. As soon as we receive the filed paperwork back from the court we contact you to review the steps that need to be completed to complete the divorce process.
We have established 4 easy STEPS for our clients to complete the divorce process:

  • STEP 1: Step 1 is service of process on the other spouse. In most of our cases, it is not necessary to have your spouse formally served by a process server. Your spouse can voluntarily sign a document we give you acknowledging receipt of the divorce paperwork, which is the most low-key method of completing the required service. If your spouse is not willing to voluntary accept the paperwork, we will discuss other free and/or low-cost ways to have them formally served.
  • STEP 2: Step 2 is when the spouses exchange their financial disclosures (the disclosures are not filed with the court, but are a mandatory, confidential exchange of information between husband and wife).
  • STEP 3 Step 3 is when you both sign the Marital Settlement Agreement (we include one free revision of the settlement agreement in our flat fee) and the Marital Settlement Agreement eventually becomes a part of the final Judgment of Dissolution.
  • STEP 4 Step 4 is just returning all the final signed documents to us.
We have streamlined the process for our clients and most of our Ventura divorce cases are finalized and completed within just a few months. California statutes do impose a 6 month+1 day waiting period which must pass (after the date of service) before either party may remarry. This future date is called the “marriage termination date”. Although your case may be completed and closed with the court long beforehand, it is important to remember that neither party may remarry until the marriage termination date passes.
If you need help filing a new Ventura divorce, completing a divorce, or just have more questions about our divorce service for Ventura County, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  A People’s Choice has been providing self-help legal document services for over 35 years and has established an excellent reputation in the community.

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