If you’re looking to file for divorce in Los Angeles County, it’s important to educate yourself about the court system you’ll be dealing with. Overall, navigating the Los Angeles County court system while trying to file for divorce is often complicated and confusing. Therefore, we recommend hiring a registered legal document assistant such as A People’s Choice to assist with such matters. For now, we’ve provided important information below to help you navigate the courts. Plus, learn how we can help you file for divorce in Los Angeles County, California.

The LA County Court System: An Overview of Family Law

Filing for divorce in Los Angeles County can be tricky for a multitude of reasons. First, the county is extremely large, with nine separate superior court divisions and 38 different courthouse locations. However, to make matters more complex, not every courthouse in Los Angeles handles divorce cases. Luckily, the Los Angeles Superior Court offers an online court locator service which is helpful in determining which courthouses accept divorce paperwork.

Additionally, the Los Angeles County court system can be unstable at times. Therefore, when filing for divorce, you may have to try to initiate or check in on the process more than once. Furthermore, people are often required to file family law motions dealing with child support in a separate location from where they filed for divorce. While inconvenient for some, this process helps the Department of Child Support Services.

Complicated Local Court Rules

Most courts create local rules to address how they process specific types of cases. Unsurprisingly, Los Angeles County is no different. In fact, Los Angeles Superior Court Rules are voluminous and can be daunting.

When it comes to divorce, Chapter 5 Family Law Local Rules  deals specifically with family law issues. Therefore, anyone looking for divorce in Los Angeles County should refer to these rules before filing. Failure to follow any of these local rules will result in rejected paperwork or even dismissal of the case!

Limited Self-Help Resources

Like most other counties, Los Angeles County offers limited self-help divorce services through various self-help centers spread around the county. Like other counties, however, these centers are overburdened and understaffed, leaving people seeking to file divorce in Los Angeles left to their own devices or looking for inexpensive alternatives.

Additionally, the Los Angeles County court offers online case access for divorce and other types of cases. Although their online docket is not as comprehensive as some other counties’, it is a convenient resource to quickly check the status of a pending divorce case.

A Legal Document Assistant Can Help You File for Divorce in Los Angeles County

A People’s Choice is a registered legal document assistant’s office that offers Los Angeles divorce services, assistance, and other types of legal document preparation for low, flat fees. A People’s Choice has been in the legal document preparation business for over 35 years and is very familiar with the unique aspects of the Los Angeles divorce process. Plus, we know what it takes to successfully complete a divorce filed in the Los Angeles County court.

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