Spousal Support Guidelines

Temporary support is generally calculated using a formula. When determining long-term spousal support, the court does not rely on a specific  “formula” to calculate support but rather looks at several other factors such as: Standard of Living – This refers to the couple's standard of living during their marriage. When determining support, the court will [...]

Types of Spousal Support

Temporary support: The court can order temporary support based on the short-term needs of one spouse and the other spouse’s ability to pay. A temporary support order may last until the couple’s divorce is finalized or until some specified time in the short-term future. Often, these orders are to assist one spouse in getting back [...]

How Spousal Support is Calculated

Spousal support is set out in California Family Code Sections 4320-4326 and 4330-4339. These sections outline how courts may order support and under what circumstances. Courts often use what is known as a “guideline formula” when calculating both child and spousal support. This formula is based on several factors, including the net income of both parties [...]