Over our 40+ years of being in business, our number one goal has been to provide a high-quality professional service at the very lowest cost possible. Time is money and we found that some clients were abusing our old “flat fee” policy which allowed clients unlimited calls to our office during their case. At one point, our office staff was so inundated with certain clients calling over and over, (sometimes 5-10 times a day) making it difficult to get work done during the day which resulted in a backlog in our work flow.

After considering all options, it came down to two:

1) raise everyone’s fees and hire extra staff just to cover the phone demand or
2) keep the fees the same, and provide a free email allocation/allowance based on the type of case. For those clients who require extra hand-holding, they can pay for any “extra services” they need.

In the end, we felt having people pay for their extra needs was the best resolution so that everyone was not penalized for the actions of a few.