A People’s Choice makes every effort to keep our clients informed about what our office is doing. What does this mean?

  1. We try to email clients an acknowledgment when our office receives communication by mail.
  2. We notify clients by email when our office has taken action on your file. For example, when we send documents to the court for filing, we will send you an email indicating so.

What this does NOT mean:

A People’s Choice does not assume responsibility for client inaction. A People’s Choice uses email to communicate with all of our clients. This means it is the client’s responsibility to regularly check their email for communications from our office. A People’s Choice maintains detailed notes on every client’s matter. This enables all staff to efficiently work on every case.

Our procedures include identifying all actions and communications in the client file. When we contact a client for information or with a question, it is the client’s responsibility to promptly respond to our communication.  If we fail to receive a reply, the matter will simply be placed “on hold”.  Receiving the client’s response triggers our office proceeding to the next step. Therefore, if we do not receive a response, the file will stay in “pending” mode.  A People’s Choice does not “calendar” a follow-up to see if a client has responded to a request for information. If a client has not heard from our office and is concerned they may have missed or overlooked a communication from us, you should email us requesting a status of your case.