What is a Federal Employer ID Number?

If you plan on opening a bank account under your corporate name, most banks will require that your corporation have a Federal Employers’ Identification Number. A Federal Tax Identification Number (also known as a "95 Number" or "EIN Number" ) is a number assigned to a corporation or LLC by the Federal Government for purposes [...]

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Where can I get a corporate seal?

While many jurisdictions have abolished the requirement of maintaining a corporate seal, many corporations still prefer to maintain a corporate seal as a formality. Corporate seals range in price from $8 (rubber stamp) to about $75 (steel embosser).  Your can order your corporate seal through our office. You'll need the name of your corporation and [...]

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What is a corporate director?

The board of directors is essentially the management body for the corporation. Responsibilities of the board of directors include establishing all business policies and approving major contracts and undertakings. In addition, the board may also elect the president. Ordinary business practices of the corporation are carried out by the officers and employees under the directives [...]

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What is a corporate officer?

While most jurisdictions allow the same person to act in all capacities, that person has different responsibilities depending on the capacity in which he or she is acting. President Vice president Treasurer Secretary (or clerk) Assistant secretary Assistant treasurer Although most jurisdictions allow one person to serve in the three capacities of President, Treasurer and [...]

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What are Bylaws?

Bylaws serve as the internal operating document for the corporation. Generally, Bylaws detail the responsibilities, rights, and duties of directors, shareholders and officers. Currently, states generally do not require that Bylaws be filed.

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What are Articles of Incorporation?

A Corporation's "Articles of Incorporation" is the main filing document which begins the corporation's existence under state law. Once filed, the corporation comes into existence. The level of complexity for a corporation's Articles of Incorporation can range from very simple to extremely complex. Generally, most jurisdictions require Articles of incorporation to contain, at a minimum, [...]

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What is a registered agent?

The registered agent for Service of Process is a person designated by your corporation to accept service of civil documents on behalf of the corporation. They must have an address within the state of incorporation. Anyone who has a street address (NO PO BOXES) within the state of incorporation may act as a registered agent [...]

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How long is the incorporation process?

Processing times for incorporating a company vary and change constantly depending on the workload at the state office. Please ask one of our representatives for our most current approximation of the current processing time for Articles of Incorporation. Non-expedited processing with the California Secretary of State can often take several months. We offer expedited services [...]

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Is my corporate name available?

This office will perform a non-binding name check for name availability within the state of incorporation. The name check is performed by us at no additional charge where available. Please remember that the final determination is made by the state officials; thus, never rely on a corporate name check until AFTER you have received a [...]

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