What is included in A People’s Choice’s Flat Fees?

Our flat fees cover all document preparation as specifically outlined in our Contract For Services. Our flat fees always include a courtesy allocated amount of communication via email. This allocation should adequately cover most client's email needs. Our business strategy in offering competitive pricing is based on our volume of document preparation. We understand that clients [...]

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How do I know I’m getting the best price?

The goal of A People's Choice is to keep our fees low, without sacrificing service. We will match any other price found on the Internet as long as the services described are exactly the same as what we offer. A People's Choice does not just prepare legal documents. We provide "complete" services including client interview, preparation of the necessary legal [...]

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Is A People’s Choice Registered and Bonded?

Many online services have failed to comply with state law requiring registration and bonding which is required by California law to offer legal document assistant services in California. These companies are not legally recognized services under California state law, and as a consumer, you are offered no protection when things go wrong! A People’s Choice [...]

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