People looking for a cheap way to file bankruptcy in California typically have two options. First, you may download bankruptcy forms from your local court’s website and complete the paperwork yourself. On the other hand, you may choose to hire a bankruptcy petition preparer to prepare the paperwork for you.

The High Cost of Bankruptcy Attorneys

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cheap California bankruptcy attorney. Even for the simplest cases, attorneys fees generally start at $750. Plus, when you add filing fees and other miscellaneous costs, the total cost to file bankruptcy through an attorney can easily exceed $1,000! For example, California is broken into 4 districts: Northern, Eastern, Central and Southern. The allowed fee for bankruptcy petition preparers in the Northern District is $150.00; the Eastern District $125.00; the Central District $200.00; and the Southern District $150.00! Obviously, these fees on top of the cost of an attorney make for a substantial sum of money for most people who are already struggling financially.

A Petition Preparer Can Help You File a Cheap Bankruptcy

Luckily, working with a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer can keep the costs of filing bankruptcy low. For example, it is illegal for a bankruptcy petition preparer to exceed the allowable maximum fees outlined above. Plus, the bankruptcy process is actually quite easy. Therefore, you will likely not require any legal advice that an attorney would provide. In fact, the most difficult part of filing bankruptcy is usually the paperwork!

Hiring a professional bankruptcy petition preparer to help you with the bankruptcy paperwork can keep costs under $200. However, keep in mind that there are no qualifications or licensing requirements to be a bankruptcy petition preparer. Therefore, you should be sure to select a bankruptcy petition preparer that has the appropriate credentials of a California registered legal document assistant. Unfortunately, A People’s Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services.


Don’t let the legal system scare you! A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy, and hassle-free.  And don’t spend needless money hiring an attorney for matters you can handle with just a little professional help from A People’s Choice.

“Well I wanted to file bankruptcy and I was putting it off for quite a while due to the cost involved, and I was looking for cheap California bankruptcy alternatives that I could finally do it. And when I made the phone call Sandy seemed so kind and genuine and compassionate; and she assured me and eased my fears and concerns that it could be done without an attorney and that it was possible, it wasn’t expensive, and that it could be done more quickly than having to go to an attorney. So that was my first foray into realizing what A People’s Choice did have to offer me above and beyond what an attorney could do.

I found the entire process to be very efficient, very easy, and very quick. It went by faster than I thought it would. I thought it would take me several months to get it done and before I knew it, it was finished! And before I knew it, I had exited bankruptcy. There were no questions whatsoever, there were no problems, and no hang ups. Sandy made sure that everything  was taken care of. Every detail was taken care of. If there was any question, it was always addressed right away. I felt that everything was addressed. All the questions were addressed, all my concerns were delayed. A People’s Choice really went the extra mile to make sure that I felt comfortable – that I felt confident about what I was doing in the entire process of going through bankruptcy.

If I had know that it would be this easy, that it would be this efficient and this inexpensive, I would have chosen A People’s Choice sooner to have this process taken care of. A People’s Choice made my bankruptcy a dream compared to a nightmare!”

Don’t let the legal system scare you. A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy, and hassle free. Call now to talk directly to a professional legal document assistant at A People’s Choice or visit our website at

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