If you’ve wondered how you can help an ailing loved one, a conservatorship may be the answer. Conservatorships can give you the legal power to provide arranged medical care, make financial decisions, and even create recreational opportunities for someone who can’t care for themselves. If that person lives in Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Redwood Valley, Willits, or another Mendocino County city, then you’ll need to learn how to file for conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA.

In this article, we’ll cover how to create a conservatorship in Mendocino County along with some other helpful information about conservatorship in California. You’ll learn what to do to prepare for your conservatorship hearing, how to advocate for the financial security of your conservatee, and much more.

What Is Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA?

In Mendocino County, a conservatorship is for an adult individual who requires aid with some basic financial or everyday tasks. The adult may be immobilized, elderly, impaired, or otherwise unable to look after themselves.

For instance, conservatorships are frequently suggested for individuals that have Alzheimer’s, mental deterioration, or severe developmental handicaps. A conservator can advocate for assistance and ensure that the infirm person obtains correct treatment using the powers of attorney granted by their position.

There is a variety of types of conservatorship available. The sort of conservatorship varies according to:

  • The duration (long-term conservatorship vs. temporary conservatorship).
  • The degree of powers (limited conservator, for instance).
  • Conservatorships for special scenarios, such as an LPS conservatorship.

Conservatorship of the Estate vs. Conservatorship of the Person in Mendocino County

How to File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA

In California, including Mendocino County, there are two different parts of someone’s life a conservatorship can cover. We’ll cover both of those here.

Conservatorship of the Estate

A conservatorship of the estate is for an individual who is psychologically incapacitated and not able to handle their financial resources. However, usually, the person is still able to make decisions like arranging for their own food or contacting potential care providers.

In these situations, the conservator makes sound choices concerning the person’s money, residential property, and other monetary issues. They may assist the conservatee to pay their bills or choosing significant transactions or other economic features.

Conservatorship of the Person

A conservatorship of the person, on the other hand, involves caring for the person’s overall living arrangements and wellbeing. The conservator has to aid the person in meeting their fundamental demands, like finding somewhere to live, getting healthy meals, communicating with a care provider, and attending treatment services.

For persons with a physical or mental illness, this commonly includes setups for long-lasting care. Services for people with more serious debilitations may include finding live-in intensive treatment solutions like a nursing home.

The Role of the Conservator

Generally, a conservator is a relative or loved one of the conservatees (the person who needs assistance). They might be a grown-up child of an elderly person, as an example. However, when such a person is not offered, the court might appoint a specialist conservator to provide ongoing advice and legal support.

Additionally known as a public conservator, a specialist conservator is a professional person qualified to make accountable decisions and advocate for the human rights of the conservatee. They may work with individuals with mental illnesses or disabilities, and they can work with facility staff or public authorities as part of the conservatorship. Nonetheless, such arrangements can be expensive and are not typically the first choice of the court.

Establishing a Conservatorship in Mendocino County

How to File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA

Filing for conservatorship is a complex process because it construes a denial of the rights of the conservatee. You are essentially taking away some of the conservatee’s authority and putting those human rights in the hands of a public authority or conservator. That’s a big deal, so there’s a process in place to protect the conservatee and ensure a suitable person is appointed.

Who Should File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA?

You may think the would-be conservator would normally be the one who starts this process with the county clerk. That is often the case, but these parties can also kick start the process:

  • The suggested conservatee
  • The partner, cohabitant, a family member, or a friend of the person
  • Another individual concerned for the would-be conservatee, like an individual advocacy representative
  • An interesting state or regional firm, staff member, or other official

As soon as all the needed documentation is submitted to the court, the procedure begins.

Mendocino County Superior Court Information

As a resident of Mendocino County, you’ll be filing your initial request with the Mendocino County Superior Court located at 700 South Franklin Street in Fort Bragg, CA. At the time of writing, the hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For the most recent information on hours, COVID-19 vaccine requirements, and more, you can reach the county clerk’s office at (707) 964-3192. You can park for free in the lot south of the Justice Center.

Initial Filing

Your initial request should consist of the following information:

  • Details about the conservator
  • Details about the conservatee and why they need a conservatorship
  • Details about the petitioner (if it isn’t the conservator or conservatee)

You can get help with your paperwork from online services like A People’s Choice. You can submit the request to the court staff when it’s complete. There is a filing fee, but you can ask for a fee waiver if you qualify.

Informing the Involved Parties

At this point, once your paperwork goes through and you receive a conservatorship hearing date, you’ll need to enlist a responsible adult to serve some papers for you. This person will have to:

  • Directly supply a citation and a duplicate of the request to the suggested conservatee.
  • Mail a notification regarding the court hearing on the conservatorship request, along with a duplicate of the application, to the conservatee’s partner or cohabitant and any close family members.

Home Study

This part of the process allows the public authority to confirm that the conservatorship is really necessary. A court detective speaks to the suggested conservatee and others who know the conservatee.

The recommended conservatee has to go to the hearing unless they’re too sick to participate. Depending on the kind of conservatorship you need, you may require a health care certification from a medical professional as well. The conservatee’s estate will be charged for the expense of this examination unless the conservatee qualifies for a waiver.


At the hearing, a court will confirm that you’ve followed the steps outlined above. It will also decide if the conservatee needs a court-appointed attorney.

After the hearing, if the conservatorship is approved, it’s time to shoulder your new responsibilities. Here are some steps to keep in mind:

  • You’ll need to acquire your letters of conservatorship, which serve as evidence of your role.
  • If there is an estate, the court will likely require a surety bond. This is like a form of insurance to protect the conservatee’s estate. We’ll discuss this a bit more in the next section.
  • Whether you’re a conservator of the person, conservator of the estate, or limited conservator of the estate, you should participate in the training for conservators used by the court. Here you’ll learn about your legal responsibilities and abilities.
  • You must report to the court for normal evaluations as well as consult with the court’s private investigator. This ensures you’re filling your role and caring appropriately for the conservatee.

What Is a Conservatorship Bond in Mendocino County?

How to File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA

Additionally called a conservator bond, a conservatorship bond is a type of surety bond indicated to hold the conservator liable for their responsibilities. It works as an approach to security from the loss of real estate and the economic properties of the conservatee.

This bond, like all kinds of surety bonds, exists to hold the conservator liable for any mishandling of the estate. It is called for by the court prior to a conservator can start taking charge of the conservatee’s financial affairs.

Think of a conservatorship bond as insurance coverage for conservatorships. Similar to you requiring vehicle insurance and medical insurance, you require a conservatorship bond. Unlike a bail bond, a conservatorship bond is generally bought from a surety bond business for a cost, much like insurance. You don’t obtain the fee back, but if something goes wrong, the surety bond company steps in. If you’re a conservator of the estate, you’ll want to look into this posthaste after the conservatorship is approved.

Do You Have Any Questions About How to File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA?

How to File for Conservatorship in Mendocino County, CA

You may want to help your ailing loved one get into an individualized treatment program or find a safe, appropriate living space. But even if your heart is in the right place, legal paperwork might not be your forte. After all, you’ll need much more than an email address and current home address to fill this stuff out! Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

If you have any additional queries concerning conservatorship in Mendocino County, A People’s Choice is here for you! You could have a close friend, loved one, or neighbor that requires customized treatment from a public guardian conservator in Mendocino County. Our legal document preparers can’t provide legal advice, but they can aid you with the appropriate documentation required to become legal rights advocate through conservatorship in Mendocino County. To begin, you can contact us below or call us directly at 800-747-2780.