Do you need to file probate in Calaveras County? Contact A People’s Choice to file probate in Calaveras County. We can help you prepare and file the legal forms you need to start and complete the probate process. Despite common beliefs, you do not need to hire an attorney to probate an estate. Probate attorneys are known for charging outrageous fees. If you work with an experienced legal document preparer to probate your loved one’s estate, the estate will save thousands of dollars. This is because attorneys in Calaveras county are allowed to charge probate fees based on a California statutory attorney fee schedule.  It is important to note that these statutory fees are determined by the total gross value of the estate.  What does this mean? It means that the greater value the estate’s assets have, the greater fee you will be an attorney to handle your probate case.

The probate process is very procedural, and most probate matters are completed within one year. Below is an overview on how to file probate in Calaveras County, California.

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Important Money Saving Tip!

California Probate attorneys are allowed by statute to charge attorney fees based on the gross value of the estate, starting at 4%, on a tiered scale. For example, attorneys fees for a $375,000 would be $10,500! By using the flat fee services of an experienced probate legal document assistant, the estate can save thousands of dollars.

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Where to File Probate in Calaveras County

The Calaveras County probate court oversees the process of administering a deceased person’s debts and distributing the contents of their estate. A family member or friend may be appointed as the probate representative and charged with administering the deceased person’s estate in accordance with California laws.

The Calaveras County probate court hears matter at the following courthouse:

Calaveras Superior Court
400 Government Center Drive,
San Andreas, CA 95249

The Clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM to 3:00 PM. Calaveras County Probate Division handles investigations and proceedings related to conservatorships, emancipation of a minor, freedom from parental control, guardianships, marriage permission for minors, and stepparent adoptions. You will need to file probate in Calaveras County if the decedent resided within the immediate local area upon passing away.

Adjudicated Legal Newspapers for Calaveras County

Every probate case requires the publication of a notice in a legally adjudicated newspaper. As of the writing of this article, the two newspapers approved for Calaveras County are the Calaveras Enterprise (in San Andreas) or the Daily News (in Valley Springs). Contact information is:

Calaveras Enterprise: Call 209.754.3862, or email
Daily News: P.O. Box 1297, 1906 Vista Del Lago Drive, Suite L Valley Springs CA 95252, Tel: (209) 772-2234

Local Probate Rules for Calaveras County

Review the Calaveras County Local Probate Rules before you begin the process. Pay particular attention to Chapter 7  which covers rules governing probate matters. These local rules provide procedures on how probate matters are heard by the court. Failing to follow the rules can result in your probate case being dismissed.

Calaveras County Probate Referee

The probate referee’s job is to value the non-cash assets of the estate. Assets are appraised to determine the fair value of the estate. Assets may be liquidated to pay outstanding estate debts and taxes. The probate referee for Calaveras County is Michael R. Wright.

Michael R. Wright
21 Theall Street
Sonora, CA  95370
Phone: (209) 532-0628
FAX: (209) 532-9112

Steps to File Probate in Calaveras County

Completing probate in Calaveras County involves a straightforward process. There are a multitude of steps required in the 7-12 months probate process which are generally outlined in this handy probate checklist. Generally speaking, however, after filing the petition, the probate representative is required to notify all interested parties including creditors. During the probate process, any estate taxes due will be paid along with any legitimate creditor claims. When the case has been concluded, the remaining assets will be distributed to beneficiary and heirs.

Contact A People’s Choice for more information on how to file probate in Calaveras County. We can help guide you through the process and complete the legal forms you need to complete and file with the court to start and finish probate. Our non-attorney Calaveras County probate services will save the estate thousands of dollars as compared to using an attorney. More importantly, using our non-attorney probate document preparation service will enable you to complete the complex probate process without the stress of doing it on your own. Call us today at 800-747-2780.

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