It is a fairly straightforward process to file probate in Imperial County. More importantly, despite common beliefs, you do not have to hire an attorney to file probate in Imperial County.  From filing the petition, to submitting documents to the probate examiner, probating an estate does not require a person to have a substantial legal background.

Imperial County Probate Overview

The Imperial County Superior Court consists of three branches: El Centro, Brawley, and Winterhaven. The El Centro courthouse hears probate matters. All probate matters must be filed in the Probate Department located at the following address:

El Centro Courthouse
939 W. Main Street
El Centro, CA 92243

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Important Tips When You File Probate in Imperial County

Every county in California has a court website. The Imperial County Court’s website can be accessed through this convenient link.  In addition to having their own court website, each county implements unique rules, procedures and forms for cases filed in their court. In this regard, Imperial County has several local forms required for cases filed in their county.

Whenever you file probate in Imperial County, you should  familiarize yourself with the Imperial County Local Rules. The Local Rules for filing Probate in Imperial County can be found in Chapter 7. The Imperial County Court has imposed several rules that must be followed when a person files probate in Imperial County. In particular:

  • A Petitioner who files probate in Imperial County may telephone the Probate Examiner’s Office two days before the scheduled hearing to decide if there are any defects in the file.
  • Probate examiner notes are available online to help identify defects in pleadings or procedure that have been noted by the examiner.
  • After checking the notes, self-represented parties can contact the Probate Examiner with any questions or ask for explanation that may help to clear any defects.
  • Unless an objection has been filed, a probate petition may be pre-approved by the Probate Examiner without a required appearance if the Order has been lodged with the court prior to the hearing.
  • Imperial County Court allows a party to appear at court hearings through Court-Call, a third-party service which allows a person to make a court appearance over the telephone.
  • When any item is lodged with the Imperial County Court, an original notice of lodgment must also be submitted . The notice of lodgment must include a numbered listing of all the items being lodged and be filed with the court and served on all parties.
  • There is currently only one probate referee that services Imperial County probate cases.

Ronald R. Eastman
44489 Town Center Way, #D-312
Palm Desert, CA  92260
Phone: (760) 341-1490
FAX: (760) 564-3315

How A People’s Choice Can Help You File Probate in Imperial County

Contrary to popular belief, most people can successfully represent themselves in probate matters. You do not need to hire an attorney to probate an estate, get legal guardianship or be appointed to serve as a conservator. Probating an estate consists of completing and filing many legal documents. Yes, it is true – most people feel overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork they must complete to probate an estate. However you don’t have to do it on your own, and furthermore, representing the estate yourself can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees! For example, attorneys are paid a statutory fee to probate an estate. The fee is based on the value of an estate. This means, despite the attorney doing little to no work in your case, he/she will still receive the statutory fee.

Fortunately, if you need to file probate in Imperial County you can work with an experienced legal document assistant at a fraction of the cost. Check out our  probate calculator to see exactly how much you will save using our services as compared to the statutory fees charged by probate attorneys! At A People’s Choice, we can help you draft and file all the paperwork you need to probate an estate. From filing the initial petition, to attending any court hearings, we will make sure you have the paperwork you need to get through the probate process in a timely manner.

We have helped thousands of people just like you successfully complete the probate process without obtaining legal representation. If the deceased estate is complex, you can always consult with an attorney for any necessary legal advice. An attorney can help you in a limited manner, allowing you to pay only for the actual advice you may need.  Keep in mind, however, an attorney may try to talk you into obtaining counsel to probate the estate. With the experienced and professional services of A People’s Choice and the ability to follow simple  instructions, most high school educated people can probate an estate without legal representation.

Contact us for more information about our legal document preparation services. In addition to preparing and filing legal documents, we also provide case management services. We will track all your required court appearances and tell you about upcoming hearings, making the process of filing probate in Imperial County simple and hassle free! Call us today at 800-747-2780.

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