If you have found this article, you are probably looking for help to file probate in Inyo County. In your quest, you may have discovered that hiring an Inyo County probate lawyer is very expensive! Inyo County lawyers are allowed to charge probate fees based on a California statutory attorney fee schedule.  Furthermore, statutory fees in probate matters are structured around the total gross value of the estate.  What does this mean to you? It means that the greater gross value (in contrast to net value) of the estate, the more attorneys fees the estate will pay.

A People’s Choice is a low-cost alternative to hiring an Inyo county probate attorney. We offer low flat fees for all probate services and are familiar with the necessary processes to successfully complete filing probate in Inyo County. A People’s Choice has helped many self-represented individuals successfully file probate throughout California. Our statewide probate services have enabled thousands of self-represented people to successfully complete probate. This article will explain how we can help you file probate in Inyo County and save you thousands of dollars as compared to using an attorney.

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Important Money Saving Tip!

Probate attorneys charge statutory fees based on the gross value of the estate, starting at 4%, on a tiered scale. The median home value in Inyo County is $279,700. Attorneys fees for a $300,000 estate would be $9000! By using the flat fee services of an experienced probate legal document assistant, the estate can save thousands of dollars.

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Probate Overview and Steps to File Probate

Filing for probate is not always necessary. If the deceased owned assets as joint tenants or as survivorship community property with another person, such assets can be distributed outside of probate. Assets held solely in trust can be distributed as well.

When probate is necessary, someone must come forward to begin the probate process. The executor designated in the will should start the process. If there is no will, a family member can start the probate process.

A close relative can also ask to be appointed as the “administrator” of the estate. If there is a will, the executor will also submit the original will when they file the petition to probate. As mentioned above, the petition must be filed in the county the deceased resided at the time of death or in the county where the real property is located. If the Petition for probate is approved, the court will issue “Letters Testamentary” or “Letters of Administration” appointing the estate representative and granting him/her power over the estate. The estate representative will need to complete an inventory and appraisal with the court. The inventory and appraisal must account for all the estate’s assets and debts. The probate referee will value the deceased non-monetary assets.

Once this is completed, the executor must notify creditors and pay all outstanding debts. The representative must prepare and file a final personal income tax return for the deceased. All remaining assets will be assigned to the beneficiaries or heirs. Ultimately, the executor will petition the court to have the probate case formally closed. As part of this process, the court will check to see how the executor handled probate matters. If everything appears to be in order, the court will  dismiss the executor from his/her duties upon approval.

Inyo County Probate Court Divisions

You will first need to decide which court is appropriate for your particular case. This decision is based on where the decedent resided or where the decedent owned real property. There are two divisions of the Inyo Superior Court where probate matters can be filed, the court in Independence and the court in Bishop.

168 North Edwards
Independence, CA 93526
Phone: (760) 872-3038

301 West Line St.
Bishop, CA 93514
Phone: (760) 872-3038

A People’s Choice can help with the court processing of any probate paperwork we prepare. This includes making sure it is submitted for filing with the proper Probate Division of the Inyo Superior Court. In this regard, we offer several different methods and processing times based on the needs of the client.

Local Rules to File Probate in Inyo County

Every county has their own rules for filing probate. In other words, although there may be similarities, the probate paperwork requirements for Inyo County may be completely different from that of Tulare or another county. For example, some courts, strangely enough, need certain forms to be printed on colored paper. In order to get through an Inyo County probate case without unnecessary delays, it is important to be aware of the local rules that would apply to these types of cases. Inyo County’s local rules for probate can be found in Article VIII of the Inyo County local rules.

Adjudicated Legal Newspapers for Inyo County

When you file probate in Inyo County, the probate court requires notice of the case to be published in a local newspaper. There are rules that may more specifically define which newspaper is right to handle the publication process. Newspapers of general circulation are the only publications in California that can publish “legal notices.” Generally speaking, however, the following newspapers are approved to publish the required probate notice for probate cases filed in Inyo County.

Inyo Register
The Sierra Reader

Probate Referees Serving Inyo County

Every probate case filed in Inyo County will be assigned a probate referee. The role of the probate referee is to appraise and value all of the non-cash probate assets. At present, there is just one probate referee that serves both Inyo and Kern county.

Michael C. Burger
4915 Calloway Drive, Suite 101B
Bakersfield, CA  93312
Phone: (661) 588-4381
e-mail: burger@kernprobate.com

Tips When Filing Probate in Inyo County

As mentioned above, every county court has their own unique policies and procedures. Although certainly not an all-inclusive list, the following tips will be invaluable when you need to file probate in Inyo County.

  • Inyo County uses the standard probate Judicial Council forms for probate proceedings.
  • There are no other local forms required when filing a probate in Inyo County.
  • The court does not appoint attorneys for probate cases filed in Inyo County. As a result, when filing a probate,  if you want professional help, you will need to hire an expensive probate lawyer or, alternatively, a much less expensive non-attorney legal document assistant that handles probate matters.
  • When lodging the original will with the court, you may be required to pay an extra $50 filing fee.
  • The probate court clerk can be contacted at (760) 872-3038 (Independence division) or (760) 872-3038 (Bishop division). Be sure to check their hours as they are not open every day nor all day.
  • All probate filings are processed in either Independence or Bishop.
  • Online case inquiry is not available for any Inyo County probate matters.
  • Appearing by phone at probate hearings through CourtCall may be an option.

Probate Examiner’s Notes for Inyo Probate Cases

Inyo County offers does not offer online access for ongoing cases. As a result, the hearings on the Petition for Probate and the Petition for Final Distribution often require two court appearances.

There are also many resources online that will guide you through the probate process. However, if you want to file probate in Inyo County without hiring an attorney, we urge you contact A People’s Choice. We can help you complete and file the forms you need to probate your loved one’s estate in California. More importantly, you will save thousands of dollars using our non-attorney probate services as compared to using a probat  lawyer. Using our non-attorney probate document preparation service will not only enable you to complete the complex probate process without the stress of doing it on your own, but will also save the beneficiaries and the estate thousands of dollars.

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