Do you need to file probate in Ventura County? To begin with, hiring a Ventura County probate attorney is very expensive. Attorneys in Ventura County and throughout California are allowed to charge probate fees based on a California statutory attorney fee schedule.  Furthermore, statutory fees in probate matters are structured around the total value of the estate.  Consequently, the greater value the estate, the more attorneys fees the estate will pay.

Probate paperwork is basically the same whether an estate is worth $300,000 or $500,000. The California statutory fee structure allows probate attorneys to get paid for substantially more than what the probate work or services are worth.

A People’s Choice is a low-cost alternative to hiring a Ventura probate attorney. We offer low flat fees for all probate services and are familiar with the necessary processes to successfully complete filing probate in Ventura County. A People’s Choice has helped many self-represented individuals successfully file probate in Ventura County. Incidentally, we have also assisted several attorneys dealing with Ventura County probate cases , but who are unfamiliar with Ventura’s local rules and procedures. Read on to learn more about how we can help you file probate in Ventura County and save thousands of dollars as compared to using an attorney.

Local Rules to File Probate in Ventura County

There is only one division of the Ventura Superior Court where probate matters can be filed, the Oxnard Justice Center located at 4353 E. Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard, California 93036. Consequently, all probate proceedings are filed at this location. A People’s Choice office our clients a complimentary daily court filing service for all probate paperwork we prepare for filing with the Probate Division of the Ventura Superior Court.

Every county has different requirements and procedures when filing probate. In other words, although there may be similarities, the probate paperwork requirements for Ventura County may be completely different than that of Los Angeles County. For example, some courts require a coversheet for every document filed in the case and other courts don’t.

The probate procedures for Ventura County are outlined in what are known as “local rules.” Ventura County’s local rules for probate are completely different than probate rules of other counties. In essence, the local rules govern how probate documents are filed and what is required by the court. For this reason, being familiar with the local rules for the Ventura County Probate Division is critical when filing probate in Ventura County. At the time of this writing, Ventura County local rules governing probate matters are detailed in Chapter 4 of the local rules.

Policies and Procedures of Ventura Probate Court

Although certainly not an all-inclusive list, the following points out details to be aware when you need to file probate in Ventura County.

      • Ventura County requires use of the standard probate Judicial Council forms for probate proceedings.
      • There may be additional local forms required when filing a Ventura probate matter.
      • The court does not appoint attorneys for probate cases. Consequently, when filing a probate, you would need to hire a probate attorney (very expensive) or a non-attorney legal document assistant that handles probate matters.
      • All original wills require an extra $50 filing fee when lodged.
      • New probate cases are typically set for a hearing 4 to 5 weeks after date the probate Petition is filed.
      • The probate court clerk can be contacted at 805-289-8820.
      • All probate filings are processed in Room 122 at the Oxnard Justice Center.
      • Online case inquiry is available for all Ventura County probate matters.
      • Appearing by phone at probate hearings through CourtCall is currently not available.

Probate Examiner’s Notes for Ventura Probate Cases

Ventura County offers online access for probate matters through their online case search feature . As with other courts, the Ventura Probate court posts probate examiner’s notes prior to scheduled hearings. These notes, as well as tentative rulings and minutes of hearings, can be located through the case search feature. When filing probate in Ventura, probate examiner’s notes are available online for probate hearings that are scheduled for the upcoming week. For the most part, probate examiner notes are available after 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to the hearing date. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to timely file necessary supplemental pleadings to correct deficiencies or address examiner’s questions. As a result, the hearing on the Petition for Probate or the Petition for Final Distribution often requires two court appearances. Questions about probate examiner’s notes may be made to the probate examiner via email or phone.

In conclusion, if you need help to file probate in Ventura County, contact A People’s Choice. You will save thousands of dollars using our non-attorney Ventura County probate services as compared to using an attorney. More importantly, using our non-attorney probate document preparation service will enable you to complete the complex  probate process without the stress of doing it on your own, and save the beneficiaries thousands of dollars.

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