No one intends to wind up in a conservatorship. However, these legal setups can be a literal lifesaver for some individuals. A conservatorship permits a responsible person to legally assist an adult that can’t look after themselves. If you reside in the Contra Costa County area and you have a loved one who needs assistance, you might well need to learn how to apply for conservatorship in Contra Costa County, California.

Like any other California county, a conservatorship in Contra Cosa County requires court approval to establish. To improve the application process for you, we’ve created a review of just how to file for conservatorship in Contra Costa County. By understanding what to expect, you can get your liked ones the assistance they need via a Contra Costa County conservatorship as soon as possible.

What Is a Conservatorship in Contra Costa County, CA?

In Contra Costa County, conservatorships are used if an adult can’t care for themselves or make basic economic choices. A person might become incapacitated because of issues like chronic ailment, mental disorders, developmental disability, injury, or other issues like chronic alcoholism that might require involuntary treatment.

Please note that conservatorship only applies to adults in California. If a child needs comparable care, it’s referred to as “guardianship.” Guardianship relates to children under the age of 18 that have no person to look after them. If you need information on a public guardian for a child, check out this article.

What Is a Conservator in Contra Costa County?

Primarily, a conservator is selected by a court or judge to make life decisions for the conservatee. During conservatorship, the court designates a conservator to oversee the individual and monetary decisions of the conservatee (incapacitated person). If you become a conservator, you have a lawful commitment to make the best feasible choices for the conservatee. This can include everything from arranging for meal services and bill pay to signing the conserved person up for a psychiatric treatment facility depending on the circumstances.

The regulations in Contra Costa County give certain individuals greater priority for becoming conservators to the incapacitated individual. Usually, the conservatee’s partner or cohabitant has the highest priority of appointment as conservator. If no one near the conservatee satisfies the certifications, the judge might assign a public or specialist conservator.

Keep in mind that anybody, including loved ones and friends, can take legal action against a conservator. This can happen if a conservator doesn’t act for the conservatee’s benefit and/or commits conservatorship abuse. It’s the sole duty of the court to free the present conservator from their obligations and designate another legal conservator if required. In serious cases of elder abuse, private attorneys and legal action may get involved.

How to File for Conservatorship in Contra Costa County

How to File for Conservatorship in Contra Costa County, CA

If your loved one needs a conservator for the foreseeable future and you agree to handle that obligation, you must apply to become a conservator. Since conservatorship is a serious legal arrangement, there are several steps you’ll need to take. You’ll have to provide a persuasive argument as to why the court ought to eliminate the infirm individual’s decision-making authority.

As a resident of Contra Costa County, you’ll need to submit your legal claims and attend hearings at the Contra Costa County Superior Court located at 725 Court Street Martinez in Martinez, CA, 94553. At the time of writing, the court hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can reach the court at (925) 608-1000 if you have questions.

To step into a conservator role, follow these basic steps:

  1. Submit a Conservatorship Request

You’ll need to fill out and file a conservatorship request as an initial step. This application details info on the proposed conservatee, their loved ones, as well as the petitioner/conservator. Explain why the conservatorship is needed as well as why the other options aren’t feasible.

  1. Notify the Suggested Conservatee and Relatives

As part of the application process for a conservator program, California requires you to notify certain parties of the application. This procedure makes sure every person, including the potential protected individual, knows what’s going on and also has the possibility to oppose if needed.

You’ll have to have an adult acting as a server of papers offer notification and a copy of the petition to the recommended conservatee. You need to also have this messenger email a notice to the conservatorship court hearing. Finally, your server must likewise provide a copy of the application to the conservatee’s relatives 15 days before the hearing day.

  1. Hearing

Before making any type of a decision, the court identifies whether all the necessary persons have been notified of the conservatorship. If so, the judge can assess whether the situation satisfies all needs prior to releasing the letters of conservatorship. The potential conservatee has to be present at the hearing unless they are too ill to attend.

Once the hearing is complete, you’ll know if your conservatorship petition was successful. If there’s an estate connected with the safeguarded person, the conservator must submit a surety bond unless there’s a court order calling for the checking account to be made inaccessible.

Forms Needed to Apply For Conservatorship in Contra Costa, California

These are the types you’ll require to file as a conservator. Get help filling up these out from A People’s Choice for the best accuracy.

  • GC-310 Petition for Consultation of Probate Conservator
  • GC-020 Notification of Hearing
  • GC-320 Citation for Conservatorship
  • GC-312 Confidential Supplemental Information
  • GC 314 Confidential Conservator Testing Form
  • GC-335 Ability Affirmation
  • GC-340 Order Appointing Probate Conservator

What Is a Conservatorship Account in Contra Costa County?

How to File for Conservatorship in Contra Costa County, CA

If you become a conservator of the estate (economic conservator), you need a conservatorship account. If you aren’t sure what kind of conservatorship your loved one needs, take a look at our short article on various sorts of conservatorship.

An estate conservatorship involves controlling assets, as well as cash, held by the conservatee. As a conservator of the estate, you can use these funds to make financial decisions for the conservatee and pay their living costs. However, when managing a conservatorship account, you have to make it 100% clear that the cash comes from the conservatee and isn’t going into your pocket.

When you begin functioning as a conservator of the estate, you have to determine all the conservatee’s properties and discover a method to divide those estates from every person else’s (including your own). This protects you ass a conservator by ensuring no one can charge you for manipulating the personal financial resources of the conservatee.

That’s where the conservatorship comes in. You can create a secure conservatorship by, firstly, using an account name that clearly differentiates the account as a conservatorship account and also not a personal account. Conservatorship account names often follow this formula: “Conservatorship of [conservatee’s name], [conservator’s name], Conservator of the Estate.” You can additionally make use of the conservatee’s social security number for estate accounts. Taking these steps can protect you from legal trouble down the line.

Should I Look for a Conservatorship Attorney?

How to File for Conservatorship in Contra Costa County, CA

A conservatorship lawyer well versed in Contra Costa County, CA law can assist you with much-needed documents in conservatorship. There is one situation in which you may intend to think about hiring a lawyer: if the proposed conservatee or their relative challenge the conservatorship via an application. In that case, you need to go to a legal hearing, and the proposed conservatee can similarly obtain legal advice. Such lawful situations can be rather tough, but a skilled conservatorship legal representative can aid you to navigate the procedure.

Nonetheless, a lot of the time, you can handle the documents for a conservatorship yourself with help from a legal document assistant like A People’s Choice. As long as your case is not extremely complicated, a DIY application can cut down on costly conservatorships fees and streamline the process for you.

How to File for Conservatorship in Contra Costa County with A People’s Choice

Whether your loved one is suffering from a delusional disorder, antisocial personality disorder, or other ailments that require a conservatorship, A People’s Choice can help you get a conservatorship set up in Contra Costa County. We provide customers with assistance with probate conservatorship services, limited conservatorship, LPS conservatorship services, and other types of conservatorships. With our help, you can make your California legal process easy and budget-friendly and get your loved ones the physical assistance or mental health treatment they need.

While we can’t give you legal advice, we can provide you with online services that vide you the assistance you need to aid your loved ones with their financial matters, daily lives, and more with a conservatorship. In addition to offering online resources in Contra Costa County, we likewise serve Alameda County, Orange County, San Francisco County, and much more. Call us today at 800-747-2780 to start your paperwork today.