Trying to find out how to file for guardianship in California? This article will provide some basic guidelines regarding the California guardianship process. If you would like to apply for guardianship in California, you must complete many forms and file them with at your local courthouse. To begin the process, you must first decide the best type of guardianship. Read on to learn how to file for guardianship in California, and what you need to consider before starting this process.

You have three options when considering how to file for guardianship in California. You can file for  guardianship of the person, guardianship of the estate or both. If you seek the guardianship of a person, you will be responsible for caring for the minor. This includes providing basic lifestyle necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical needs. The minor’s safety and emotional and physical growth will be in your hands. You will become the primary caretaker and make decisions on the minor’s behalf.

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The guardianship of the estate involves managing a minor’s money. Upon application, you request for the court to grant you legal rights to manage the minor’s money, income, and investments until he/she reaches 18-years of age. This type of guardianship is used when a child inherits a large sum of money or assets and is too young to have the knowledge or legal ability to adequately protect them. For example, a parent may become the guardianship of the minor’s estate if the other parent passes away and leaves a large inheritance to the child.

How to File For Guardianship in California

Once you determine the type of guardianship that you want to apply for, you need to complete all required legal document. Complete GC-210(P) form to file for guardianship of the minor or GC-210 form to file for the guardianship of the minor’s estate. You can download these forms online, or obtain them in person from your local California Superior Court branch. Be aware that the California guardianship forms are very detailed and can be overwhelming for most people. If you need low-cost assistance in completing the guardianship forms, contact A People’s Choice. Once your documents are completed, the guardianship forms should be submitted to the court for filing, along with any required fees.

After your forms are filed and processed, you will receive notice of a hearing date, time, and the courtroom in which the matter will be held.

You must provide notice of the hearing to all interested parties such as the minor’s parent or anyone else seeking guardianship. The court may investigate your petition prior to deciding. If this occurs, an investigator will contact you and request information. The court will then make its decision and notify all parties involved.

The process of filing for guardianship in California is simple and straightforward. Contact A People’s Choice for more information on how to file for guardianship in California.

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