Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an attorney to file probate in Colusa County. Most people can complete the probate process without hiring an attorney. However, when you file probate in Colusa County, expect the process to take between 7-9 months to complete. In this regard, because of the many steps involved in probate, you definitely will need some professional legal help to complete the process. A People’s Choice can help you file probate in Colusa County. Contact us today to find out more information on our probate legal document preparation services.

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What our Clients Say...
My father-in-law passed away without a will so his estate went into probate and we were intimidated by the paperwork and court process ahead of us. A lawyer was recommended to us, but after sending him everything he asked for he did nothing with it for several weeks and was slow to get back to us. His fees were set to be thousands upon thousands and we were frustrated that progress wasn’t happening. We stumbled upon A People’s Choice and we took a leap, switched, and we’re so glad we did. They were quick to respond and moved as quickly as we did. They saved us SO MUCH money and answered all our questions. We worked together to get everything done smoothly, and we felt like APC treated us with respect and patience. We are so grateful we found them and got everything done with confidence. Thank you APC!”
Suzie H.
“I had a great experience with my California probate case using A People’s Choice! The people that assisted me were so helpful.  I certainly could not have done this probate by myself.  The best part was that I was able to save over $10,000 in lawyer fees!  All my emails were always returned so quickly. Needless to say, I am a very satisfied customer.  I would highly recommend A People’s Choice to all my friends and family!”
Joi C
“I would have never thought I could complete a full probate online without an attorney. A Peoples Choice guided me through the process every step of the way. They are a very professional and knowledgeable company far exceeding my expectations. My advice to anyone seeking this kind of service is as long as you are committed to doing your part, with A Peoples Choice guidance you will complete the task. A Peoples Choice Is a 5-star company that I was lucky enough to stumble upon in my searching process.”
Rhonda G.
“Thank you so much for all your help through this California probate process.  By using your company instead of a California probate lawyer, we were able to cut our expenses dramatically.  Thank you for answering my many questions and for giving me a heads up on documents that could be prepared in advance in order to save time and money.  There was always someone available to help! Thank you again.”
Craig K.
“A People’s Choice walked me through the entire probate process. This company is very professional and helpful and made a scary probate pretty much stress free. I would send an email with a question I had thought of over the weekend with the expectation I would get an answer on Monday but lo and behold, I often got an answer within minutes! Thank you to the staff for your guidance and patience to talk me through such a difficult time. You made the process very smooth! Probably saved us about $10,000! We are very pleased and will be referring our friends/family to A People’s Choice!”
L. Garrett.
“I used A People’s Choice for help with a probate matter. My grandfather died Christmas of 2016. He had a living trust, but no one was able to find it. We went to A People’s Choice, and we were able to do a probate affidavit to get what was left of my grandfather’s estate. Took two days for the documents to be prepared and the bank accepted them without any questions. Sandy was the one who assisted us, and we really appreciate the help that was provided. A+ service.”
David R.
“I cannot say enough about the time and money this company saved me. With their help I finished Probate in Tulare Co on my brother estate in little over 12 months. I am a letter carrier with no legal training, yet , I completed the entire process mainly because A People’s Choice walked me thru each step. They filed most papers electronically which resulted in me needing only three court appearances (and saved me from many trips to Visalia.) Keep in mind, all probates are different but if you have limited resources I recommend this company. The Probate Judge complimented me on the good work I received from A People’s Choice, saying this was not always to case with other legal help offices.”
Jack M.
“Can’t say enough about the level of service and professionalism I received working with A People’s Choice. Emails were always responded to quickly and thoughtfully. They really care about the process and helping you get the best result with no up-selling. Of course, they can’t provide legal advice, but I was referred to an attorney when I needed some questions answered who was very reasonable and easy to get a hold of as well. The process played out according to plan, and I ended up saving a lot of money by going with A People’s Choice over an attorney.”
M. Rice
“A People’s Choice is an incredible organization and extremely well-run business. My probate was taking place in California, but I live in Washington state. Probate is extremely expensive, but A People’s Choice is able to lower this expense by a huge amount and provide outstanding service. Probate is very stressful – it has a legal language all its own. A People’s Choice provides all the information you need to understand Probate and lower your stress. They are truly worth much more than their reasonable fees. I am a legal “dummy”. I was treated with respect and given answers to questions about the process. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They get back to you quickly and are very efficient. I would recommend A People’s Choice to anyone that is dealing with Probate. I am so thankful that I found this excellent organization!!
Kathy H.
“A People’s Choice helped us throughout our entire year-long probate making the process very easy and manageable while at the same time saving us thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees. Not only were they extremely friendly and fast to respond to our questions but they made the process simple enough that we hardly ever had to contact the courthouse directly and we even had a hearing done without an appearance. Would highly recommend A People’s Choice to anyone!”
A. Vuckovich
“Thanks to A People’s Choice, I was able to get through a probate matter very smoothly. I had not one issue with the Courts. They guided me through the whole probate until the very end. I live up north, but that didn’t matter, A People’s Choice did an excellent job keeping me informed with everything that I needed to do. I saved THOUSANDS of dollars by going with A People’s Choice. You can’t go wrong, no matter what your needs are. I saved a lot of money by not having to pay out a percentage to an attorney. Many thanks to the staff at A People’s Choice for the great help they give to everyone in their times of need like I was! Thank You.”
R. Leonard
“A People Choice provided excellent support with the appropriate legal documents and filing process in a spousal property petition after my husband passed. Lawyers wanted to charge me a fortune. However, once I spoke with someone at A People’s Choice, they took on my case and guided me through every step. A People’s Choice has years of experience, which gave me a sense of trust and confidence. I always got immediate feedback from every email request. If you need probate help, I would highly recommend A People’s Choice.”
Sylvia A
“A People’s Choice did a great job on the probate I had to go through for my mom. I really didn’t have to think about most of it. I just signed or filled out the papers they sent through the Portal. I would definitely use A People’s Choice again if the need arises! All their people were professional and friendly. Overall it was a great experience for me at a very difficult time!
L. Wade.
“I must say that A People’s Choice is a very responsible and effective company. The staff there is very nice and replied to all my questions by email quickly. With their help, I accomplished the probate in 8 months successfully and saved at least $10,000.00 in attorney fees, so I strongly recommend everybody to contract with A People’s Choice and let them help you with your legal documents. You will be very satisfied with their work as I did!!!!”
C. Chiu
“I needed help understanding and filling out legal documents, but I didn’t have enough money to pay for an attorney. After searching the internet, I found A People’s Choice. I was relieved to know that I would get the exact service that I needed at an affordable price. The staff was very professional and helpful with my legal documents. They worked around my schedule and responded to my emails in a timely manner. They took care of all the paperwork and filing and kept me posted. I would highly recommend A People’s Choice for your legal documents as you will get outstanding service at an affordable price.
Sharon B.
“We had a complicated situation trying to change the beneficiaries to an old family property. There were 7 owners, most of whom were born in the 1800s. A People’s Choice persevered along with us and got it done. Lawyers we had contacted wanted $1000’s more than APC charged us and were unsure as to how to even proceed. We are extremely happy with what they achieved for us.”
Lori A.
“VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! My experience with A People’s Choice was EXCELLENT!! I retained their services to help me with the probate process after unexpectedly losing my Mom. I received quotes from 2 lawyers locally and they were 3 to 4 times the price. All communications from the staff were punctual and very thoroughly explained. They were there to support me the entire time. Any and all questions I had were explained as needed with very quick responses. There were NO HIDDEN FEES or charges. They have a very easy to use portal to access all of the documents. I can’t say enough good things about the work that they did for me!!! Thank you to all the staff. You are an amazing team and I appreciate everything you did to help my family and I when we needed it most!!”
Hisham A.
“I had hoped to have my probate process taken care of by myself to save money. After the fourth attempt to file at the Clerk’s office, I left in tears and faced the reality of hiring an attorney. I look on the internet to find one and came across A People’s Choice. They offered a price that was way below what attorneys charge! They guided me through every step of the process and wrote up all the paperwork so that all I had to do was sign. It was really an amazing experience. They are a pleasure to work with.”
D. Chase.
“The entire team at A People’s Choice were very supportive in our probate case. Losing a parent is extremely difficult, and so is the subsequent paperwork.  A People’s Choice made it easier and charged a very fair price, saving us thousands in attorney fees. What I liked a lot was the transparency and digital tools used. Documents were managed via email and on a platform. Payment for court items was easy. I appreciate that they use modern methods in an old school industry and most things could be done remotely. All in all, I can definitely recommend A People’s Choice if your case is straightforward. Thank you to Sandy and team for helpful us get here! What a huge relief! I’m glad we had your support along the way. Made it way less stressful and way more manageable.”
Jenn C.
“A People’s Choice worked on my probate case for over 1 year. Their knowledge, dedication, and commitment to clients are exceptional, preparing the required legal documents, and all the court filings. They used the e-filing system which really expedited the process. They always answered my emails in a very timely manner and were professional. The probate process is long and sometimes seems overwhelming. It’s also very expensive, A People’s Choice saved me thousands of dollars as compared to an attorney. I would highly recommend A People’s Choice for your probate needs. It’s cost effective, and they handle the entire process from beginning to end!”
“After not having my call returned from a probate lawyer, I looked into doing a Spousal Property Petition myself.  A People’s Choice assisted me through the whole probate process and everything went smoothly.  When I appeared in court, I didn’t have to say a word. The judge just said, “granted.”  Using A People’s Choice I saved thousands of dollars, and I’m so glad that probate attorney didn’t return my call.  I highly recommend A People’s Choice.”
Donna G.
“When my mother-in-law passed away last year, we didn’t know what to do. We contacted A People’s Choice and from day one they were very helpful. They held our hand every step of the way, and if I had a question any time of the day or night someone got back to me within a few hours. I highly recommend A People’s Choice if you don’t know what to do and don’t want to pay the high price of a lawyer, especially if you don’t have much money.”
Mikki C
“Probate itself is a frustrating and expensive process. A People’s Choice was professional and courteous throughout a long probate process. Everyone I came in contact with at A People’s Choice was exceptionally helpful, patient, and professional. For those entering into the probate process, I must warn you that it is difficult to understand. The staff at A People’s Choice makes it as tolerable you could wish for.  The people who work there were kind, efficient, and understanding.  If you email your questions, they’ll get back to you and won’t make you feel like you are ignorant if you are unclear about any part of the process.”
Marcel B
“I used A People’s Choice to prepare and file documents to probate my sister’s estate.  I began the probate process in pro per and hired them after discovering the difficulty in processing the probate by myself.  Very knowledgeable with good technology to keep me informed.  Their fees were significantly less than what I would have had to pay for an attorney, yet their services were excellent. I can’s see where an attorney would have been any better (or as good). Highly recommend this service.”
Ron C.
“I am writing to give A People’s Choice my utmost recommendation. Living in New England, I found them on the web. After speaking with a staff member on the phone I had the confidence to give them my business. A People’s Choice handled my probate case with great professionalism and knowledge. My case turned out to be more complicated than originally believed, and the staff walked me through each step. They always responded promptly to my email questions. In the end, their service was exactly what I hoped for; they saved me thousands of dollars and allowed me to do it from across the country. They were truly a pleasure to work with.”
K. Levenson
“When my father passed away without a will, we needed help handling the transfer of his assets. Since there weren’t significant assets, I didn’t want to spend too much on the legal paperwork. A People’s Choice offered just the right service we needed. In particular, the staff was very responsive to our document filing needs, helping to turn around corrections almost immediately. They helped to ease a tough situation.”
Michael C.

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Where to File Probate in Colusa County

The Colusa County probate court hears matters at the Main Courthouse in Colusa, California. In particular, you will find the courthouse at 547 Market Street. You need this address so that you know where to file. There is no reason you cannot file probate yourself at this location rather than using an attorney.

The Placer County Superior Court has online case access through its website for registered users. This online system gives users quick access to their case information and hearings.

Another convenient option per Colusa County Probate Court Local Rule 20.8, is the ability to appear at a hearing by phone. Keep in mind; however, information on the court’s website says that you must schedule a telephonic appearance by 4:00 PM the day before the hearing.

Placer County Probate Rules

Every court in California has its own local rules.  It is crucial to review these court’s local rules before beginning the probate process. The local rules controlling Probate cases in Colusa County is found in Section 16 of the local rules. These particular rules provide instructions about captions, notice requirements, the wording of a probate order, requirements for the petition for final distribution and other vital instructions.

Adjudicated Newspapers for Colusa County

Probate requires notice to interested parties. As part of this notice requirement, the personal representative must arrange publication in a newspaper in Colusa County that is proper for legal publications. Keep in mind, the publication is a critical aspect of the probate process. In other words, if you do not complete this process properly, the consequences can cause unnecessary delay and added expenses. With this in mind, A People’s Choice arranges this legal publication for all our probate customers to make sure the publication is proper, timely, and complete. Contact the Court Clerk to more information about adjudicated newspapers for Colusa County.

Colusa County Probate Examiner

In Colusa County, the Probate Examiner reviews all filed legal documents before the assigned judge hears the matter on calendar. Typically is most probate cases, you will have two hearings. The first court hearing is to appoint a personal representative. In contrast, the final hearing is to approve the final distribution of assets to heirs. Before each of these hearings, the Examiner will review the documents filed and prepare “probate notes.” These probate notes address questions and concerns about the content in the paperwork.

The probate process is very procedural. Although this may be true, people who try to file probate without any professional help usually find themselves facing voluminous errors and deficiencies in their paperwork. In the event that you are in this situation, don’t be discouraged. We commend you for making an effort to file probate without any help! However, as you can see, the process is not as easy as it appears. A People’s Choice can help you respond to probate notes and get your case back on track, so you do not have to hire an attorney.

Colusa County Probate Referee

There is one Probate Referee that serves Colusa County:

Jane Dolan, 389 Connors Court, Suite A, Chico, CA  95926; Phone: (530) 342-4295; FAX: (530) 342-1994; e-mail:

In the event the estate has non-cash assets, the Probate Referee’s job is to value these assets. By statute, they have six weeks to complete this task from the date they receive the Inventory request.

How to File Probate in Colusa County

First and foremost, you don’t need to hire an attorney to file probate in Colusa County. Read our article about how to avoid paying statutory fees to attorneys.

As mentioned above, the Colusa Probate Division hears matters regarding probate. You can file probate in Colusa Superior Court if the decedent resided in this county before passing away. You may also file probate in Colusa County if the decedent lived outside of California but owned real property in the county. Review the court’s local rules before beginning the probate process. Once you know you are in the right location, you can start.

First, the probate process starts by filing a Petition. Next, the estate Administrator or Executor must notify all “interested parties” of the probate filing. You can then mail notice of the filing to the IRS, creditors, beneficiaries, known heirs and other interested parties. With proper notice and publication complete, a hearing will take place to approve and appoint who is going to represent the estate.

Next, the estate’s representative has the task of arranging the valuation of non-monetary assets. The representative prepares a formal Inventory and submits it to the Probate Referee. The Probate Referee values the assets and completes the Inventory. As mentioned above, the probate process is lengthy. The personal representative must be vigilant in their duties and complete many steps to reach the point of being able to distribute the assets and close the case. Using the experienced probate services of A People’s Choice will make the process easy and stress-free.

Attorney Fees to File Probate in Colusa County

Most attorneys charge a statutory fee to probate an estate. Attorneys base their fees on the overall value of the estate and not directly on the amount of work they perform. At A People’s Choice, we charge a reasonable flat fee for probate legal document preparation services, often saving our customers thousands of dollars!

Closing Probate in Colusa County

You should find closing probate in Colusa County straightforward. Before a personal representative can ask the court to close the estate, it must be in the proper position to be closed.  When is an estate ready to close? First, the time within which creditors can file a claim must be over. Second, the personal representative must have paid all debts, filed all necessary tax returns, and settled any disputes. If this has been done, the estate is ready to be closed, and you are ready to ask the court to distribute remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

Once you close the estate, your duties as executor are over. A People’s Choice can help you complete the closing forms and finish your probate case. Contact A People’s Choice for more information on how to file for probate in Colusa County without using an attorney. Call us today at 805-648-5540 or get started right now through our easy online probate interview. Try before you hire and see how easy it is to start without paying any money!

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