The decision to divorce can be a painful one, so many people want to finish the process as quickly as possible. Even without an expensive lawyer, you can get a quick and easy California divorce without too much stress. Contact A People’s Choice today to learn how a registered legal document assistant can help you obtain divorce judgment within 45 days.

A Quick Divorce Judgment is Possible

The court can finalize your divorce fairly quickly. However, California state requires a six month waiting period before either party can remarry. That being said, that waiting period does not delay the court’s ability to issue a final decree of dissolution and your final judgment. Thus, you could conceivably complete your divorce proceedings as soon as 45 days after filing, with the proper help. The court’s only limitation is that you may not remarry at that point.

Timeline for a Fast and Easy Divorce

After you file for divorce in California, the date of jurisdiction initiates a six month waiting period before official termination of the marriage. More specifically, the date of jurisdiction is the date your spouse acknowledges receipt of the divorce paperwork.

Theoretically, a party could file their divorce and serve the other party on the same day. In this case, the date of jurisdiction is the same day the divorce was filed. In fact, this situation is quite common because it initiates the waiting period immediately. For example, if a party filed divorce and served the other party on March 1st, the six month waiting period would end September 1st. Additionally, the marriage’s earliest termination date would be September 2nd, one day after the six month waiting period. In such a case, the divorce would theoretically be completed in April. However, if either of the parties wanted to remarry, they would not be able to do so until on or after September 2nd.

Fast Divorce Options

The quickest way to file a divorce is to get professional help from a legal document service. Such a service can help you quickly prepare all the necessary paperwork to complete your case.

Furthermore, California divorce is a multi-step process that often comes with delays due to improperly prepared or filed documents. Oftentimes, these mistakes come from people who are trying to file divorce without the proper guidance. Additionally, every court has its own local rules. Luckily, an experienced legal document assistant should be familiar with local court rules and the proper steps for processing your paperwork. Therefore, seeking the help of an experienced legal document service will avoid unnecessary delays caused by the court rejecting incomplete or improperly filed paperwork.

Annulment – A Quicker Alternative to Divorce

An annulment is a court order that determines a marriage null and void. Unlike divorce, parties who elect to get an annulment are not subject to the “six month plus one day” rule. In fact, when a court decrees a marriage annulled, the judge grants the annulment on the day of hearing. Furthermore, once the judge has issued an order of annulment, the marriage is adjudicated as though it never happened, and the parties are instantly restored to their single status. However, keep in mind that in order to file for an annulment, the marriage must qualify under California law.

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