There are many divorce lawyers who strongly urge people to hire an attorney when filing for divorce. What most people don’t realize is that they can file for divorce without using a lawyer.

Representing yourself is a cost-friendly alternative to hiring a lawyer and will save you thousands of dollars in the process. There are several low-cost resources to settle disputed family law issues that will save you time and money.

These inexpensive or free resources are available for people to use to figure out how to file a petition for dissolution and get specific court orders throughout the process. In particular, family law facilitators are available at no cost to help unrepresented parties who have questions about family law issues. Most family law facilitators are attorneys and can give you guidance on how to best get through the family law system.

At A People’s Choice, we prepare legal documents on behalf of our clients to make sure they are completing them correctly. Our service has saved people hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars getting through the California divorce process. Read on to learn more about low-cost resources and strategies you can use for settling disputed family law issues in California.

Using a Self-Help Clinic

In addition to seeking out services from the family law facilitator, you can also use self-help clinics to resolve family law disputes. Such clinics are often called “pro se” clinics and offer traditional classroom-style instruction. Some clinics take place at the local courthouse or law library. The clinics primarily focus on legal procedure and substantive law. Be careful when utilizing a self-help clinic. Most clinics are designed for litigation in lieu of resolving issues. The self-help clinics are also overburdened and often it is difficult to get help through these services. When in doubt, contact us for more information about filing the necessary documents in your divorce proceedings to resolve your disputed issues. We can help you prepare the correct documents and serve them in a timely manner.

Family Law Mediation to Settle Contested Issues

Mediators are commonly used to settle family law disputes. A family law mediator acts as a neutral third-party and helps divorcing couples reach an agreement regarding family law issues. The mediator is to refrain from advocating or influencing either party. If you are struggling to resolve family law disputes, we recommend you consider using a mediator to cut cost while settling your disputes. If mediation is unsuccessful, parties will usually have to go to court and let the judge decide their issues. Doing so can be costly and result in an order that neither party is happy with. When in doubt, seek mediation to settle family law issues. A People’s Choice can direct you to several options available for low-cost mediation services.

Look For A Pro Bono Lawyer

In limited circumstances, an attorney is needed to offer legal guidance and counseling to self-represented litigants. In limited circumstances, a person may be able to find a pro bono attorney who is willing to give low-cost or limited representation. Contact a local law clinic to find out if they offer pro bono attorney services. Though most family law disputes settle without going to trial, sometimes it is wise to consult with an attorney or former judge for general legal advice and find out how the court might rule in regard to specific family law issues.

Hire A  People’s Choice, a Legal Document Assistant Service

A People’s Choice is here to help you navigate through the family law legal system. For over 35 years, we have helped thousands of self-represented parties complete the marital dissolution process, bring disputed issues before the court and get favorable results. We invite you to contact us for more information about our services.

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