The process of divorce usually comes with a whole host of other issues, and no two couples are the same. In some cases, choosing divorce as a solution is clear to one spouse but not to the other. Perhaps each party has a different idea of what marriage is, or had different expectations about what they would get out of the marriage that lead to this difference of opinion.  One party might simply be against divorce or is in denial about the state of their marriage.

No matter what the specific circumstances are which led to the current situation, the fact remains that not all couples are on the same page when it comes to divorce. When one spouse wants a divorce and desires to move forward with ending the marriage, and the other does not, what is the best way to proceed?

One Spouse Wants Divorce and The Other Doesn’t – Divorcing a Reluctant Spouse

Acting carefully at this time will go a long way towards creating an amicable tone at the beginning of the proceedings and preventing future animosity. The following tips will help save time, money and frustration for someone filing divorce.

  1. Hire a counselor or other professional. The prospect of divorce in even most neutral of circumstances can quickly turn emotional. This may be even more likely where one spouse is reluctant to divorce. Seeking counseling can help you understand why you are resorting to divorce, and if there is any work left to be done in your marriage which may save it.

  2. Show compassion to your spouse. In light of the fact that your spouse does not want to divorce, it is important to convey that you arrived at your decision after much thought and consideration. You may be met with anger and resistance, but it is important to confirm your spouse’s emotions and offer the proper amount of support to your spouse during this time.

  3. Communicate openly.  Discuss the situation calmly and honestly with your spouse.

  4. Be patient. Give your spouse some time to deal with the idea that the marriage is ending and to prepare emotionally for the divorce.

  5. Research your options. You ought to know what specific options you have in procuring a divorce. This may include hiring an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through the process and help you address any issues which may arise.

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