Changing Property Division in a California Divorce Agreement – Requirements and Statute on Limitations

Sometimes people sign divorce agreements on a whim simply to end their marriage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, once these agreements become official judgments by the court, they cannot be changed. However, under certain rare circumstances, the court may agree to a modification in a property division provision from a divorce agreement.

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Divorce Advice for Men Fighting for Custody

Divorce is not easy for men OR women; however, battling for child custody can be even more difficult for fathers. For example, many people automatically assume a mother will be granted sole physical custody of their child after a divorce. As a result, it's important for men to learn how to increase their chances of acquiring custody, granted that it is in the child's best interest.

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Adultery and Divorce in California

Divorce and adultery are two complicated and stressful issues - especially when you are dealing with them at the same time. Learn how adultery most commonly affects the outcomes of divorce, including spousal support and child custody. Plus, discover how A People's Choice can help you file your legal paperwork quickly and easily.

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Adultery Laws in California

If your spouse has cheated on you, you may be wondering whether their adultery is punishable by California law. Read on to learn the definition of adultery in California, state laws on adultery, and how cheating can affect divorce proceedings. Then, feel free to contact A People's Choice for assistance with completing and filing your divorce paperwork.

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