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Comparing Transfer on Death Deeds vs. Living Trusts for Estate Planning – Which is Right for You?

By |2020-08-13T12:10:35-07:00August 13th, 2020|Estate Planning, Real Property|

Are you considering whether a transfer on death deed or a living trust is right for your estate planning needs? In this article, we outline the benefits of both of these estate planning tools so you can determine which is best for you. However, if you have more questions, always feel free to reach out to A People's Choice to learn more.

Living Will vs. Living Trust – What’s the Difference?

By |2020-08-05T11:55:03-07:00August 5th, 2020|Estate Planning|

When it comes to estate planning, everyone should have the proper legal documents in place to ensure their property and assets are distributed according to their wishes upon death. However, there are a plethora of estate planning forms, and it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Therefore, it's important to educate yourself on what each document means. For example, you should be familiar with the legal implications of a living will vs. living trust!

The Importance and Purpose of Single Parent Estate Planning

By |2020-07-31T09:02:27-07:00July 31st, 2020|Estate Planning, Family Law|

As a single parent, it's important to plan for the worst to ensure your children's protection in case of an emergency. For example, a power of attorney can appoint a trusted friend or family member to handle your finances. Plus, you may want to choose a guardian for your children in the case of your incapacitation or untimely death. Read on for more tips on making these important decisions.

How to Get a Last Will – Quick and Easy!

By |2020-07-23T11:28:03-07:00July 23rd, 2020|Estate Planning|

Did you know EVERYONE should have a last will? Not only will it ensure your wishes are followed after your death, but it will also save your family members time and money. Luckily, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on attorneys fees to write a will. Instead, follow these three steps to create a will with A People's Choice!

A Do-it-Yourself Living Trust is Easier Than You Think

By |2020-06-02T17:34:50-07:00June 2nd, 2020|Estate Planning|

Many wealthy people hire estate planning lawyers to set up living trusts for them; these trusts allow the estate to avoid probate and the taxes that go along with it. Placing your assets in a trust, avoiding probate, and sidestepping estate taxes are not just strategies for multimillionaires and their expensive estate planning lawyers. All you need to get your do-it-yourself living trust started is a registered legal document assistant and a healthy fear of probate and all its unnecessary expenses.

Quick Start My Estate Plan

By |2021-03-02T08:10:11-08:00April 28th, 2020|

Welcome to our Quick Start Estate Planning Interview Start My Estate Plan! People often think setting up an estate plan is complicated and expensive. Nowadays people have several low-cost options. Take advantage of our free estate planning interview portal and see for yourself just how simple and convenient our [...]

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Free Five-Step Estate Planning Checklist

By |2020-04-28T12:00:31-07:00April 27th, 2020|Estate Planning|

Estate planning is imperative for anyone looking to ensure the well-being of their family members after their death. In fact, we always recommend that our clients create an estate plan. Therefore, in order to help out with this daunting process, we've created a free checklist for your reference. Read on to learn how to use it!

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

By |2020-04-05T10:39:19-07:00April 19th, 2020|Adoption, Business, Civil litigation, Conservatorship, Estate Planning, Family Law, Guardianship, Legal Document Assistants, Name Change, Probate, Real Property, Miscellaneous|

Hiring an attorney for a routine legal matter can cost you thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs. Luckily, A People's Choice has over 30 years of experience assisting clients with divorce, probate, adoption, and a plethora of legal proceedings. Read on to learn more about how you can hire an experienced registered legal document assistant and avoid hiring a costly attorney.

Prepare Living Trust Without Attorney Using Legal Document Assistant Service

By |2020-03-29T17:25:35-07:00March 26th, 2020|Videos|

As we get older, we tend to spend more time thinking about our estate plans, what we leave to our children, and our legacy. However, oftentimes the cost of preparing estate plan paperwork with an attorney pushes this item to the back burner. Looking to prepare a living trust for a fraction of the cost? Here is the story of how one woman did just that - and saved $500!

Preparing Forms for a Living Trust in California

By |2020-01-02T10:46:42-08:00October 27th, 2019|Estate Planning|

Estate planning on your part will make life easier for your family when it is time to settle your estate. Writing a will is a good start, but having a will doesn't avoid probate if your estate has a value of $166,250 Creating the required forms for a living trust, also known as a revocable trust, is an easy solution to this problem. A trust enables your trust assets to pass directly to your heirs, avoiding probate altogether.

Inexpensive Estate Planning Options

By |2020-01-02T10:28:29-08:00July 21st, 2019|Estate Planning|

When most people think of estate planning, they assume it will be costly. After all, we are talking about your life's possessions here! However, inexpensive estate planning options will enable you to meet your goals without breaking the bank. While estate planning does not have to be expensive, you should do it correctly. A People's Choice can help with document preparation and other types of estate planning logistics. We don't cost nearly as much as an attorney, and our clients often save thousands of dollars.

Power of Attorney – What it Can and Cannot Do

By |2019-06-01T10:45:48-07:00June 1st, 2019|Estate Planning|

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person to manage your affairs in the event you become incapacitated. There are different types of power of attorneys. Each type permits the person you appointed, known as the "attorney-in-fact," to exercise different degrees of control over your affairs. They may be able to control your finances, make decisions about your health, or both. Most people do not realize there are different variations of this designation.

When You Need a Pour-Over Will

By |2019-07-26T07:19:27-07:00October 18th, 2016|Estate Planning, Videos|

Most people create a revocable living trust to avoid probate. A pour-over will is also executed to allow any unknown assets outside the trust to pass through the pour-over will into the trust upon the testator's death. Trust property is then distributed to trust beneficiaries. Contact A People’s Choice for more information on how to prepare a pour-over will.

How Our Estate Planning Services Work

By |2020-01-02T10:33:16-08:00September 13th, 2016|Estate Planning|

We get hundreds of calls from people who are inquiring about their estate planning needs. From creating and recording a simple Pay-on-Death Deed, creating a will, or setting up a living trust, every person has different estate planning needs based on their particular circumstances. This article will give you information about the estate planning document [...]

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California Living Wills

By |2021-03-02T08:11:55-08:00December 7th, 2015|

A Living Will vs Advance Healthcare Directive The Advance Healthcare Directive, and not a living will, is now the preferred and legally recognized document for end-of-life decisions by an individual who lives in California. Quick Start My Documents! A living will is a limited type of advance healthcare directive. A Living Will only identifies your decisions about specific life­-sustaining procedures [...]


By |2021-02-08T12:29:30-08:00March 27th, 2015|

Sitemap Looking for information about a specific legal topic or something on our website?  We hope our Sitemap will help you find exactly what you need. Home About Us Our Legal Document Services Why Choose Us? What is a Legal Document Assistant? Testimonials Compare Us Disclaimer Privacy and Refund Policies Counties We Serve Ventura [...]


By |2021-03-06T13:16:22-08:00May 1st, 2014|

Legal Documents - Without the Lawyers Since 1980, A People's Choice has been dedicated to providing low-cost, self-help legal document assistance in California for divorce, family law matters, probate, estate planning, stepparent & adult adoption, name change, civil litigation, guardianship, conservatorship, incorporation, real property deeds and other types of legal form preparation and [...]

Our Legal Document Services

By |2020-01-05T10:22:51-08:00May 1st, 2014|

Our California Legal Document Services A People’s Choice is one of California’s leading Registered Legal Document Assistant Services. Our services are specially designed for people who find themselves dealing with California courts or California legal issues and are seeking inexpensive, low-cost or cheap options for professional self-help legal document preparation service and guidance. [...]

Simplified Probate Alternatives

By |2021-01-15T09:34:19-08:00April 21st, 2014|

Simplified Probate in California Small Estate Threshhold Has Increased Effective January 1, 2020 Small California estates with assets worth $166,250 or less may be settled without formal probate proceedings, using relatively simple transfer procedures. This summary form of probate (Summary Probate) is available regardless of whether the assets are real property or personal [...]