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Postnuptial Agreement

By |2020-09-18T08:17:01-07:00December 22nd, 2014|

What is a California Postnuptial Agreement? A Postnuptial Agreement is an agreement made between spouses after they are married. A California postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement in “purpose.” Unlike a prenuptial agreement which is entered into prior to a marriage and typically has more legal requirements than a postnuptial, a [...]

Home Studies and Adoption in California

By |2018-01-18T15:47:52-08:00December 16th, 2014|Adoption|

There are thousands of children in the state of California who are waiting to be adopted. In foster care alone, there are about 58,000 children awaiting permanent placement with a family through adoption.  Adoption is a great way to give these children a chance at a potentially happy and stable family. There are several ways [...]

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Guardianship of a Minor Child in California

By |2018-01-18T15:47:52-08:00December 8th, 2014|Adoption, Family Law, Guardianship|

If a child’s parents are not available to take care of the child, a third-party may step forward or be appointed by a court to take care of the child and make sure that the child’s needs are met. There are several reasons a person may seek guardianship of a minor child in California. A [...]

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Should You Have a Post Adoption Contact Agreement?

By |2018-01-18T15:47:57-08:00September 15th, 2014|Adoption|

A child’s contact with his or her biological parents after adoption is not always the norm. In many cases, an adopted child begins a new life, and only sees former family members if the child later chooses to seek them out. For all intents and purposes, an adopted child becomes a part of his or [...]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce in California – How Filing for Bankruptcy Affects Property Division

By |2020-05-14T07:59:27-07:00August 4th, 2014|Bankruptcy, Family Law|

Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming experience in some cases. In those circumstances, the last thing a person may want is for the process to be drawn out longer than necessary. One of the ways in which the divorce process can be prolonged is if one spouse decides to file for bankruptcy in [...]

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Conservatorships in California

By |2018-01-18T15:48:01-08:00July 18th, 2014|Estate Planning|

If you have an elderly family member, you may be concerned about his ability to care for himself as he gets older. California law allows an adult to apply or be appointed to take care of another adult who cannot care for himself through a legal process called conservatorship. The person taking care of the [...]

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Simi Valley Legal Assistance

By |2020-10-05T20:20:22-07:00May 29th, 2014|

Legal Document Assistance, Simi Valley | A People's Choice A People's choice is here to make legal documents fast, easy and hassle-free. Many routine legal proceedings do not require an attorney. Our office provides an inexpensive way for you to get the legal document preparation services you need at a cost [...]

Ventura Legal Assistance

By |2020-10-05T20:13:33-07:00May 27th, 2014|

Affordable Legal Assistance Ventura County | A People's Choice Don't let the legal system scare you! A People's Choice in Ventura County, California has been a leading provider for affordable California legal assistance in Ventura County since 1980. Don't spend needless money on attorneys on matters that you can do yourself with [...]

Getting a Second Chance: Filing For Bankruptcy in California

By |2018-01-18T15:48:06-08:00May 27th, 2014|Bankruptcy|

Going through financial crisis in your life can be crippling. If you live in California, have massive debt due to medical, business, educational or even personal spending habits, it may be necessary to hit the reset button and consider filing for bankruptcy in California. For many, this is a last option due to the consequences on [...]

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By |2021-04-12T08:26:58-07:00May 1st, 2014|

California Legal Documents – Without the Lawyers With real LIVE professionals ready to answer your questions We’re the only service with Certified Legal Document Assistants standing by to help you with every step of your legal document preparation process. Divorce Probate Wills & Trusts Business Formation [...]


By |2020-08-18T09:57:10-07:00April 28th, 2014|

Answers to Frequently Asked California Legal Questions Find quick answers to frequently asked California legal questions about a variety of routine legal matters. California Divorce Frequently Asked Questions California Probate Frequently Asked Questions California Corporation Frequently Asked Questions California Evictions Frequently Asked Questions [...]

File Divorce in California

By |2018-01-18T15:48:08-08:00April 28th, 2014|Family Law|

In California, a marriage may end as a result of death, annulment or divorce. There are no statutory grounds required to petition the court to get a divorce in California. You can simply check a box claiming irreconcilable differences; alternatively, you could attempt to get a divorce by claiming your spouse is permanently insane. This [...]

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Real Estate Title in California

By |2021-01-29T16:04:03-08:00April 25th, 2014|

Real Estate Title in California   In California, there are several ways to hold title to real property. Property can be owned by individuals as sole owner or as co-owners. Legal entities can also hold title to real property. If you have any questions as to which method is best, you [...]


By |2020-08-18T09:46:41-07:00April 24th, 2014|

California Unlawful Detainer Process & Evictions Most California unlawful detainer proceedings are filed by the landlord because the tenant has failed to pay the rent. No matter what the reason, before a landlord can file an unlawful detainer proceeding to evict a tenant, the tenant’s right to possession of the property must [...]

Nonprofit Corporation

By |2021-03-30T14:52:30-07:00April 23rd, 2014|

Form a California Nonprofit Corporation A nonprofit corporation is a corporation formed for purposes other than generating a profit. Although a nonprofit can make a profit and participate in profit-making activities, no part of the organization's income can be distributed to its directors or officers; however, a nonprofit organization [...]

Professional Corporation

By |2021-03-30T15:05:41-07:00April 23rd, 2014|

California Professional Corporation A Corporation that provides “Professional Services” must incorporate as a Professional Corporation. A Professional corporation is a particular type of corporation for business owners who work in specialized fields. In California, professional corporations are established under the Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act, California Corporations Code section 13400-13410. [...]

General and S Corporations

By |2021-03-30T14:21:34-07:00April 23rd, 2014|

Form a California Corporation Incorporating offers several advantages and protects your company's name. Some of these advantages include: Protecting your personal assets Enhanced credibility Tax advantages Perpetual existence Should you choose to form a California corporation or form a California Limited Liability Company, your company will be registered with [...]

Bankruptcy Exemptions

By |2018-01-18T15:45:47-08:00April 22nd, 2014|

Our office no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services. As such, we are not updating any information contained on this page regarding adjustments to the exemption allowances. You should review the California bankruptcy exemption statues, or contact an attorney or other legal authority to ascertain any changes to these allowances. California Bankruptcy Exemptions [...]

Means Test and Qualifications

By |2018-01-18T15:45:48-08:00April 21st, 2014|

Bankruptcy Means Test and Qualifications The Income Bankruptcy Means Test Under the new rules, the first step is determining under which Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code a debtor is able or desires to file. The guide to determine whether a debtor qualifies to file bankruptcy is known as the “Bankruptcy Means Test.” [...]

Restraining Order

By |2020-09-18T08:18:31-07:00April 17th, 2014|

What Is A Restraining Order? A Restraining Order is a court order that helps people who are being abused. The abuse is commonly a physical act of violence by one person to another to hurt someone. Some actions considered abusive are hitting, kicking, scaring, throwing things, pulling hair, pushing, following/stalking, harassing, sexually assaulting, or the [...]