How the Court Calculates What You Get In a California Divorce

If you are involved in an uncontested divorce, you may not know what to expect when it comes to dividing property. Plus, it can be hard to understand exactly how the court will determine monetary amounts for child and spousal support. Therefore, we've outlined in this article exactly how the court will calculate what you get in a California divorce. Read on to learn more.

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Key Points to Include in Your Separation Agreement

If you're involved in an uncontested divorce in California, you may be able to finalize your divorce without hiring an expensive attorney OR appearing in court! Plus, you have the power to begin drafting a separation agreement right NOW! After determining your plans for the key issues listed in this article, contact A People's Choice for help completing and filing your agreement to reach a final judgment quickly and easily.

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Will California Probate Laws Enable You to Avoid Probate?

California law does not require a full formal probate process for every estate. For small estates where there are no disputes about who should inherit property from the estate, California probate laws provide for several simplified probate alternatives. If the estate of your recently deceased family member is small enough to qualify to avoid probate, then it is not fair for you to have to pay exorbitant hourly fees to a probate lawyer just to collect your inherited money or to become the official owner of the house your parents owned when they were alive. Most people do not really need the services of a lawyer even if they have to go through full formal probate.

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A Lesson in Prenups: Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s Struggle After Filing for Divorce

Dr. Dre and estranged wife Nicole Young's current divorce battle is an unfortunate reminder of the importance of proper legal documentation. If you are married or in a domestic partnership, protect yourself in the case you must file for divorce. Be sure to complete your legal forms with a registered legal document assistant like A People's Choice, and keep them in your possession at all times.

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Timeline for Divorce: Dates You Need to Know

Divorce can be a long, drawn-out process; however, it's important to keep track of certain dates for every divorce. For example, the date of separation is important in helping the court calculate spousal support and the division of property. Read on to learn more about dates you need to know for a successful divorce.

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When Does it Make Sense to Hire a Probate Attorney?

Not every asset that belongs to a deceased person becomes part of his or her estate. Not all estates must go through probate. Only some of the estates that go through probate involve complex issues that require the personal representative to hire a lawyer. In fact, hiring an attorney is usually a waste of money in uncomplicated probate cases. For most people, it makes better financial sense to hire a non-attorney professional to complete your probate forms correctly.

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California Probate Law Firms Want Your Money, but Think Before You Pay

You do not need to hire a lawyer every time you buy a house, and most people establish themselves as the legal parents of their children without hiring a lawyer. Likewise, it is possible to complete the probate process and settle the estate of a recently deceased family member without forking over lots of money to California probate law firms. It is, however, a wise investment to hire a California legal document assistant to prepare your probate forms.

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Why Hiring a Lawyer to Submit Your Probate Application is Probably a Waste of Money

California law also allows people inheriting property from small estates to bypass probate entirely. Even if you are the personal representative of an estate that needs to go through probate, California law also provides another way for you to avoid paying a lawyer a sizable portion of your inheritance. You can hire a registered legal document assistant to prepare your California probate application instead of a lawyer, and by doing so, you can save thousands of dollars.

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