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A Lesson in Prenups: Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s Struggle After Filing for Divorce

By |2020-09-20T14:04:23-07:00September 20th, 2020|Divorce|

Dr. Dre and estranged wife Nicole Young's current divorce battle is an unfortunate reminder of the importance of proper legal documentation. If you are married or in a domestic partnership, protect yourself in the case you must file for divorce. Be sure to complete your legal forms with a registered legal document assistant like A People's Choice, and keep them in your possession at all times.

What You Are Entitled To in a California Divorce

By |2021-01-27T12:56:19-08:00September 16th, 2020|Divorce|

If you are in the process of divorcing your spouse in California, you should know what property you are entitled to keep in your possession. California is a community property state, so anything purchased or earned during the course of a marriage should be split 50/50. Read on to learn more about what constitutes community property and how it is divided.

Mediation and Child Custody: Process Description and Preparation Tips

By |2020-09-03T13:51:54-07:00September 3rd, 2020|Family Law|

Sometimes, mediation for child custody agreements is mandated by the court. During mediation, parties will typically have the opportunity to present their concerns to the mediator and to the other parent. Then, the mediator will provide both parents with the necessary tools to reach an agreement on contested issues. However, there are tips that parents can use to reach this agreement more quickly. Read on to learn more about mediation for child support in California, and how you can prepare for it.

California Divorce Residency Requirements: Where to File for Divorce in California

By |2020-08-31T07:30:36-07:00August 31st, 2020|Family Law|

What are the residency requirements for filing divorce in California, and do you meet them? If not, what happens? Luckily, there are some simple solutions to typical residency requirement issues with California divorce. Read on to learn more, then contact A People's Choice to learn how we can assist you with completing and filing your divorce paperwork!

Understanding Alimony in California

By |2020-06-02T15:21:51-07:00June 2nd, 2020|Divorce|

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid from one former spouse to another after a divorce. It is calculated completely separately from child support because it is based on a former spouse’s needs, not on the children’s needs. All divorces where the couple has minor children together include a child support order, but not all divorces involve alimony.

Divorce Mediation in California

By |2020-05-21T12:28:46-07:00May 21st, 2020|Family Law|

Are you considering a getting a divorce in California? If so, you may want to consider divorce mediation! Divorce mediation is a low-cost, fast way to settle issues and finalize a judgment. Additionally, it's a great option for parties who are amicable and willing to compromise.

The Legal Separation Process in California

By |2020-05-19T07:53:50-07:00May 19th, 2020|Family Law|

Filing for legal separation in California is similar to the divorce process. However, the main difference between filing for legal separation and divorce is that under legal separation the parties will not end their marital status after dividing community assets and debts. Read on to learn more about the legal separation process in California and how A People's Choice can help.

Ventura County Divorce Forms Legal Assistance

By |2020-04-01T10:00:33-07:00April 15th, 2020|Family Law, Legal Document Assistants|

A People's Choice is the only Ventura County divorce service that has offered low-cost divorce help since 1980. If you are considering terminating your marriage through divorce, legal separation or annulment, you will find that we offer the lowest fees and most comprehensive services for divorce document preparation in Ventura County.

How to File Divorce in Riverside County

By |2021-02-08T18:10:03-08:00July 7th, 2019|Family Law|

To file divorce in Riverside County, you must meet specific residency requirements. One of the parties in the divorce must have lived in California for at least six months. Also, that same party must have resided in Riverside County for at least three months to file there. The residence of the Petitioner or the Respondent can qualify. If one of the parties doesn't meet this residency requirement, consider filing for legal separation to allow time to meet residency requirements. Once you meet those requirements, you can move forward with your divorce filing in Riverside County.

What is a Joinder?   

By |2020-06-05T10:12:09-07:00July 6th, 2019|Civil litigation, Family Law|

Legal proceedings can be a complicated process. Sometimes, unexpected people and parties have an interest in the legal process. When this is the case, you must add them to the legal proceedings before you can fully resolve the case. You will use a joinder to do this. So what is a Joinder, and how does it affect a legal matter?

What is a Change of Venue in California?

By |2019-07-06T19:21:33-07:00July 4th, 2019|Civil litigation, Family Law|

A judge cannot hear a case without it satisfying two basic requirements: 1) the court has jurisdiction over the defendant and 2) it is proper venue. Proper venue means that the right court is hearing the case. With this in mind, there may be particular reasons that the statutorily "right" court is the wrong court to decide a case. For example, a party may request a change of venue if they fear they will not receive a fair hearing.

When Your Ex Spouse Won’t Sign QDRO

By |2019-07-08T12:29:54-07:00July 4th, 2019|Family Law|

Divorced spouses often contact us with concerns that their ex-spouse won’t sign QDRO, a qualified domestic relations order. The courts use QDROs (pronounced "quaw-dro") to officially divide a former spouse's interest in a retirement plan or pension plan. If your spouse won't sign QDRO, then you will not be able to complete the process of dividing the retirement account . However, the spouse refusing to sign could find themselves held in contempt of court for refusing to do so. This article reviews options you may have if your ex-spouse is refusing to sign your QDRO.

Divorce Bifurcation – Become “Single” Before Divorce is Finished

By |2019-06-30T17:55:55-07:00June 29th, 2019|Family Law|

Are you waiting to complete your California divorce case? Is your divorce case taking longer than expected to get a divorce Judgment? At a minimum, divorce in California takes at least six months to complete. It is not uncommon, however, for a divorce case to take months or even years to complete. When a divorce is taking too long, a couple can file for divorce bifurcation in order to become "single" before their divorce is finished.

How to File Divorce in Sacramento County

By |2021-02-08T18:12:00-08:00June 1st, 2019|Family Law|

To file divorce in Sacramento County, you or your spouse must have lived in California for the past 6 months. Furthermore, you or your spouse must have lived in Sacramento County for the past 3 months. Satisfying residency requirements is the first step in filing divorce in Sacramento County because the court will not enter a divorce judgment if either party has not satisfied California divorce residency requirements.