As we get older, we spend more time considering our estate plans, what we leave to our children, and our legacy, which often leads us to question how we can prepare living trusts.

In the past, making estate plans required hiring a lawyer and spending thousands of dollars on the preparation of legal documents. Even for a small family with a modest estate, the cost of preparing living trusts and other estate plan paperwork often resulted in bumping these items to the bottom of the to-do list.

However, in January, 2000, everything changed.

When California passed bill AB1418, the state implemented new statutes that allowed qualified non-attorneys to prepare legal documents for individuals who wanted to handle routine legal matters on their own. Today, this statute allows people to prepare living trust documents and other types of routine legal paperwork for substantially lower costs than using a lawyer! As a result, estate planning has become much more accessible for middle-income families.

How to Prepare a Living Trust With a Legal Document Assistant Service

If you want to prepare a living trust or other estate documents and need to create a simple estate plan to avoid California probate, contact A People’s Choice!

A People’s Choice can prepare living trust documents, certificates of trust, wills, powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives and other routine estate documents. We can also prepare separate estate documents and offer cost-effective estate “packages”.

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A People’s Choice can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your legal documents instead of an expensive attorney!


Don’t let the legal system scare you! A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy and hassle-free.  And don’t spend needless money hiring an attorney for matters you can handle with just a little professional help from A People’s Choice.

“I decided to use A People’s Choice to prepare my living trust because when I wanted to set up my living trust I looked around at the cost of using a lawyer and it seemed like a lot of money and I wanted to do it reasonably and I didn’t really know how to do it and so I didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money for something I wasn’t sure about.

“So I thought, if I use A People’s Choice, then it’s very reasonably priced and it helps me to understand the rules of what I need to know in terms of setting up a trust and what so go into the trust and what shouldn’t. And the instructions that I was given were very clear. I understood what I was supposed to do. I’ve actually never felt the need now to have to go to a lawyer. My trust was just set up and I  know how to change it if I want to change it or what to put in it. If I want to change something that’s in it or out of it, I know how to do that.

“And for a very reasonable fee I was educated about a living trust and how it works and A People’s Choice took me step by step through the process, and so I couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve told a lot of my friends about A People’s Choice because when I’ve talked to them about setting up a living trust everyone seems to think it’s going be such a hard, complicated thing to do and it’s really not. It was fast and easy and whenever I talk to my friends about setting up a living trust, because at this stage you know, you kind of want to take care of all this paperwork, I always recommend A People’s Choice.”

Don’t let the legal system scare you. A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy and hassle free. Call now to talk directly to a professional legal document assistant at A People’s Choice or visit our website at

Prepare living trusts and other estate documents using A People’s Choice, a registered legal document assistant service, that offers both local and online service through our comprehensive website. We serve customers worldwide who find themselves dealing with the California court system in a variety of routine legal proceedings, and we are registered and bonded as required under California law.