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Is a Californian Advance Health Care Directive Part of a Living Will?

If you want to do some estate planning, where should [...]

The Difference Between Joint Tenancy and Community Property With Right of Survivorship

Right of survivorship is an important legal right that allows property owners to keep property in the event of the co-owner's death. Some states offer right of survivorship in the form of community property. However, community property with right of survivorship has additional restrictions and different tax implications than joint tenancy. Read on to learn more and determine which type of co-ownership is right for you.

Changing Title on a House – How to Do it Right

If you need to change the title on a house, be confident you have handled all steps in the process correctly. It's always best to hire a professional to prepare a deed or other title transfer. Otherwise, with an improper deed, you might not have the ownership rights you believe you have. Worst yet, you might retain ownership responsibilities you think you no longer should have.

Understanding California’s Transfer on Death Deed

Are you considering using a transfer on death deed to transfer real property to a beneficiary after your death? Believe it or not, a TOD deed is not always the best option for estate planning. In fact, it works best for people without minor children, whose real estate is their only asset. Read on to learn more about whether a TOD deed is right for you.

California Rental Agreement Checklist

Written rental agreements are an important part of every landlord's legal protection. However, creating an agreement isn't enough. If you're a landlord in California, use this checklist to ensure your rental agreement has all the necessary clauses to protect you and your property. Then, make sure all tenants sign the written agreement and receive a copy.

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Quitclaim Deeds in California

According to California law, a quitclaim deed is a document that enables you to relinquish and/or transfer real property interest, whether recorded or not, in land and or gas, mineral, or oil rights. Most people who sign quitclaim deeds do so when they are transferring the land to a family member. This is because a quitclaim deed does not "guarantee" the grantor has, in fact, valid ownership of the real estate property. Because the parties involved in gift transfer of ownership of real estate property and in quitclaim deeds are usually close family members, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer. In fact, it is a waste of money to hire a lawyer for something as simple as a quitclaim deed. The best choice is to hire a California registered legal document assistant to prepare your quitclaim deed.

What is a Quitclaim Deed?

If you want to transfer a real estate property, or your ownership interest in one, to someone else, you do not need to hire a lawyer. Giving your son or daughter a house is not a complex, risky legal process, but lawyers will charge you for it as if you are trying to accomplish a business merger. If you need to transfer property to a person or entity through a quitclaim deed, you should still have this document professionally prepared. The best person to prepare quitclaim documents in California is a non-attorney legal document assistant; unlike paralegals, legal document assistants are professionally qualified to work independently of lawyers and law firms.

What To Do When a Renter Becomes a Tenant Nuisance: Your Rights in California

Whether a tenant is being too noisy or conducting illegal activity on the premises of a rented unit, landlords have legal rights to stop tenant nuisances. For instance, a landlord may provide a three day written notice requesting the tenant stop their disruptive behavior. Ultimately, a tenant nuisance who does not change their behavior may provide legal grounds for eviction.

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