What are considered fair and reasonable legal document preparation fees one can expect to pay for non-attorney legal document help? Just like attorneys, each Legal Document Assistant firm sets their own legal document preparation fees for the services they offer. Other than in bankruptcy, there are no fee schedules mandated by California statutes or other consumer agency for document preparation services. Therefore, when shopping for legal document help and legal document preparation services, consumers typically find that there is a considerable discrepancy between what one company charges from another.

As operated as a legal document assistant company since 1980, we have seen many companies come and go. We have found that the common thread with the companies that “go” is that they get greedy and price themselves out of business.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Our philosophy in pricing our services has remained constant over the years. We set our legal document preparation fees on what we believe is a “fair and reasonable price” for the convenience of having professional assistance in preparing and processing documentation. After all, we understand that some people might be able to prepare their legal paperwork if they were willing to spend countless hours researching and going to the self-help center. In other words, we base our fees taking into consideration “value” as well as “convenience.”

Furthermore, we keep our prices competitive. When we compared our rates to those offered by other companies, in almost every case, we found our fees to be at least $200.00 less than our competitor’s published for the same service!

We have discovered the secret to providing cheap legal document services. How can we offer our services for such low fees? Rather than raising our fees over the years, our legal document preparation fees have remained stable by refining processes and taking advantage of technology. In other words, we have been able to cut the amount of time expended spent performing the same tasks that we did years ago. The result is that our clients continue to pay the absolute lowest fee offered in the legal industry for their service without sacrificing professionalism or quality of service.

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Compare Legal Document Preparation Fees Before You Buy

We encourage potential customers to shop around because we are confident you will not find a lower fee for the legal document preparation you are seeking. We guarantee you will always receive top of the line service when you choose A People’s Choice for your legal document preparation; and your matter will be handled with the utmost professionalism. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what our customers have said on Yahoo, Google, Superpages.com and Yelp (be sure to check the Yelp filtered reviews too)!

A People’s Choice offers full service non-attorney legal document preparation services and provides document preparation for filing throughout California.