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What’s a Conservatorship of the Estate in California?

By |2023-05-12T06:40:42-07:00August 10th, 2022|California Courts, Estate Planning, Family Law, Probate|

It happens every day: while driving on a highway, someone gets into a ghastly accident and sustains an injury. The accident impairs their cognitive and physical ability, and they can no longer oversee their estates and finances. What happens if, God forbid, this person is your spouse or relative? You may decide you need [...]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Forming a California Professional Corporation

By |2023-05-12T06:41:41-07:00July 25th, 2022|Business, California Courts|

A professional corporation is a type of business entity that allows a group of business professionals to provide services in their profession. The benefits of a professional corporation are many, and perhaps you can't wait to start your corporation. A step-by-step guide to forming a California professional corporation can be a huge help here. A [...]

How to File for Conservatorship in Alameda County, CA

By |2023-05-12T06:44:54-07:00California Courts, Family Law, Probate|

An estimated 1.3 million Americans are currently under conservatorships, according to The National Council on Disability. That 1.3 million is made up of all kinds of people—from elderly infirm individuals to people with mental health barriers to the rich and famous. If you're associated with one of those situations in Alameda County, CA, as [...]

What We Can Learn from Famous Celebrity Adoptions in California

By |2023-05-12T06:45:38-07:00Adoption, California Courts, Family Law|

Celebrities, including actors, musicians, and famous show presenters, are always in the public eye. News about their public and private lives makes headlines constantly, creating waves among their fanbase and the general masses alike. This same thing happens when a celebrity adopts a child. Adoption cases like those of Angelina Jolie, Sia, and Sandra Bullock [...]