Just how fast can bankruptcy documents be prepared and filed? As this former client of A People’s Choice  experienced, amazingly fast! Since writing this article, however, I must point out, however, that A People’s Choice no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services. I am also not promoting waiting until the last-minute if you need to file bankruptcy. Sometimes in life, however, circumstances are beyond our control and we find ourselves in an unexpected situation that requires immediate action as was the situation with this particular client who sought out the services of a bankruptcy petition preparer.

After a series of foreclosure postponements during the mortgage financial crisis, this woman discovered at the last-minute that the bank was not proceeding with her loan modification and her house was scheduled for foreclosure auction the following day. We received a frantic call at 6 pm the evening before the scheduled sale with a desperate plea to help her in any way possible prepare emergency bankruptcy paperwork that could be filed the next morning,. She had been advised by an attorney that filing a bankruptcy would stop her foreclosure sale, but neither she nor the attorney had the capability to prepare the required documentation on such short notice. She did a search on the internet for “emergency bankruptcy help,”  found A People’s Choice and called our office.

At that time, all of our bankruptcy interview process was done through a convenient online interface, I relayed to the client that it was theoretically “possible” for her to quickly give us the information required for her paperwork that evening. We made an exception for her situation, explaining if she completed the online interview in the next two hours,  we would be able to generate her bankruptcy paperwork in final form that evening and email it to her for filing with the court first thing in the morning. The client completed the interview process, took the mandatory pre-filing class, received her completed bankruptcy documents that evening by email, and was able to file her bankruptcy with the court in time to stop the foreclosure sale.

Using a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer To File Bankruptcy

It is possible to file bankruptcy using the services of a bankruptcy petition preparer. As mentioned above, unfortunately our office no longer offers bankruptcy document preparation services. However, if you are in the California Central District, the court offers a free online bankruptcy document preparation service which you may want to check out. Keep in mind, neither a bankruptcy petition preparer nor a legal document assistant is an attorney and both are not authorized to practice law.  To clarify, a bankruptcy petition preparer and a legal document assistant may not instruct or advise an individual about legal matters and may only type certain legal forms. The Federal Bankruptcy Rules also do not allow a bankruptcy petition preparer to file a debtor’s bankruptcy paperwork with the court, nor can the paperwork be electronically filed. All bankruptcy filings by people representing themselves must be presented in person at the bankruptcy court.


“A very complex series of events. I found myself in the position of having a trustee’s sale on my house last Wednesday morning. So Tuesday night at 6 o’clock I found out that my house was being sold at auction the next morning. So I contacted A People’s Choice [a bankruptcy petition preparer]. Not only did they stay with me every step of the way, but educated me, kept a calm, positive demeanor during a situation that was very stressful for me. And so by dealing with, specifically with A People’s Choice, I was able to remain calm in the face of a really dire situation. and, in fact, resolve it by being where I needed to be… that was filing those documents in court the following morning.

This was at about 6 o’clock on a Tuesday night. And Sandy courageously and very generously held my hand through going through all of the interview process and unfortunate to me, I had to file bankruptcy. But fortunately for me, I had A People’s Choice available to me, got all the documents directly and by about 10 o’clock at night we were able to finish the whole thing. I received my documents via email and went to the bankruptcy court the next morning, filed the documents and was able to stop the sale of my home and got a decent night’s sleep to boot!

So, I owe A People’s Choice [a bankruptcy petition preparer] really a debt of gratitude of keeping a calm, professional level head during all of this when I was kind of losing it and really providing me with a good, basic understanding of what was going on and what I needed to do.

So I would absolutely and with no qualification recommend A People’s Choice to anyone who is faced with bankruptcy. A People’s Choice is the place to go.”

PLEASE NOTE: Effective January, 2017, A People’s Choice is no longer offering bankruptcy document preparation services.