Ventura County Divorce Self Help Service Provides Low Cost Divorce Assistance

If you live in Ventura County and want to save money completing your own divorce, you are probably looking for Ventura County divorce self help center to help you. A quick “Google” search will usually direct you to the Ventura County Court’s Self-Help Center or companies that offer self help divorce and legal document preparation services for a fee.

A Peoples Choice vs Ventura County Divorce Self Help Center

The Ventura County divorce self help center at the courthouse may not necessarily be the best option for everyone. It typically mandates substantial tenacity and patience, requiring multiple trips to the courthouse, early morning rises to get to the front of the line and you have to prepare all the documents yourself, a daunting task for many people.

A People’s Choice is a Ventura County divorce self help service that not only prepares all the necessary documents to complete your divorce, but we file them with the court as well. People that use our divorce self help service enjoy the peace of mind that their divorce will be quickly completed in a stress-free manner.

Get help with your California legal documents today!

A People’s Choice can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your legal documents instead of an expensive attorney!



Don’t let the legal system scare you! A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy and hassle-free.  And don’t spend needless money hiring an attorney for matters you can handle with just a little professional help from A People’s Choice.

“I found A People’s Choice, [a Ventura county divorce self help service] on the internet, and I called up and immediately got an appointment. They were very helpful in helping me get my legal matter taken care of through the paperwork that I thought would be very expensive but with A People’s Choice it was very simple, very easy, and I would have taken care of the problem a lot sooner had I known about A People’s Choice.

When I went to A People’s Choice website, I found a wealth of resources available to help me figure out what I needed to do to get my legal issue taken care of. When everything was taken care of, I realized that everything was very quick and easy an inexpensive compared to attorneys; and I learned a lot through the process.

If you don’t need legal advice, and you just need your paperwork taken care of, I would highly recommend A People’s Choice.”

Don’t let the legal system scare you. A People’s Choice is here to make it fast, easy and hassle free. Call now to talk directly to a professional legal document assistant at A People’s Choice or visit our website at

A People’s Choice is a Ventura county divorce self help service and Registered Legal Document Assistant Service; and offers both local and online service through our comprehensive website which enables us to serve customers worldwide who find themselves dealing with the California court system in a variety of routine legal proceedings. We are registered and bonded as required under California law.

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About the Author:

Sandra M. McCarthy, founder of A People’s Choice Inc., has worked exclusively in the legal field since 1976. She served as the 2004-2005 President of CALDA (California Association of Legal Document Assistants). She obtained a Paralegal Certificate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her career in the legal field, she has worked as a freelance paralegal, law office manager and paralegal studies teacher, and has co-authored numerous legal publications and written hundreds of self-help legal articles. As a registered Legal Document Assistant, Sandy is dedicated to providing affordable, low-cost, self-help document preparation services for California consumers in all 58 counties.


  1. Roseann Regalado August 7, 2015 at 7:26 am

    im helping my friend who has been divorced for many years. His income has changed significantly and he would like to go back to get his spousal support reduced and to file a qdro. Please advise on how we can go about starting this process. Thank you

    • Sandy McCarthy August 8, 2015 at 4:26 am

      A party can typically file a Request For Order to modify spousal support unless the order, by its terms, specifically states it is not modifiable. To start the process for spousal support modification and preparing a QDRO, you can use our convenient online interview process accessed here or call us at 800-747-2780 to schedule an in person or telephone appointment.

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