Welcome to information about our Client Portal. Here are some important details about our website, client portal, and interviews. You will find the access buttons at the bottom of this page.


1) Your Client Portal with NOT be activated until after your initial documents have been prepared. If you have not completed an online worksheet and your documents have not yet been prepared you will NOT be able to access the Client Portal. Once your Client Portal is activated, you will receive a separate email indicating so.

2) Once your Client Portal has been activated, if you forget your PORTAL password, please click on the text link “Forgotten Password” to RESET YOUR PASSWORD. We utilize a third-party Case Management System called “ActionStep” and A Peoples Choice cannot reset your Client Portal password for you.

3) The Client Portal is utilized for documents only. If you are completing an interview worksheet, you will NOT find the link to the worksheet in your Client Portal. The link to any interview worksheet you may be required to complete is unique to your case and will be separately emailed to you. Some links may automatically include the password to access the interview (bypassing the need to enter it); however you may need the worksheet password to re-access the worksheet at a later time to update your interview or continue the interview after selecting Save and Compete Later. Please be sure you save the email containing the worksheet link and password for future reference.

4) The link to your worksheet for information gathering for your paperwork will be separately emailed to you. Worksheet passwords are hard coded (which means you cannot change it). You will only require a password to access an online interview. If the link is requesting an email address, you are not accessing a worksheet and may want to double-check to make sure you are using the correct link sent to you. If you need to access any of our worksheet interviews and are requested to enter a password, we recommend that you type in the password we provided you by email rather than using cut-and-paste. If you are getting an error accessing your worksheet with the password provided, it means that you have not entered the password correctly.

5) Estate planning clients have a special portal area for the interview process. The estate planning interview is not accessible through the Client Portal and the Client Portal will only be activated AFTER you have completed the interview and received an email from our office indicting your portal access.

Thank you for reading these important instructions and tips about using our Client Portal and accessing various interview and worksheets.