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A People’s Choice™, LegalZoom™, Easy Legal, We The People™,  Team Legal, US Legal Forms, RocketLawyer™…the list of self-help legal providers is endless. If you are in need of legal document preparation you will probably want to spend some time to compare online legal services.

There are distinct differences between online legal document preparation services. It is important to have a clear understanding of what your needs are, what the service offers, what the service includes and the price of the service.

Choices, Choices, Choices…

choices choices choices compare online legal servicesIt may surprise you, but not all non-attorney legal document preparation services are the same! In today’s digital world, there are hundreds of online legal document services offering different types of non-attorney legal document preparation. People can even buy blank legal forms online. Although these services may appear to be the same, often there are many distinct differences such as:

– the type of legal document preparation service they offer,

– what the service includes, and

– the price of the service.

When you compare online legal services, you will learn how A People’s Choice is a competitive, more personalized alternative to LegalZoom™, We The People™, RocketLawyer™, and other services. You will discover what makes us different from other companies, and learn how we can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your California court and other legal documents instead of an expensive attorney!

A People’s Choice has been preparing legal documents for the public for over 40 years – longer than LegalZoom™, We The People™, RocketLawyer™ and others. Over the years many companies have started up; but as our customers have learned, when you compare online legal services, not all legal document preparation companies are the same. In our 40+ years of operation, A People’s Choice has uniquely designed our services to meet the varied needs of consumers who seek low-cost, professional legal document preparation services. We are not a forms service nor do we sell legal forms. Our custom legal documents are prepared based on specific facts, circumstances, and needs.

Although we are a corporation, we are not a corporate conglomerate that has lost sight of the importance of one-on-one personal service. Every client’s case is handled with personalized care. Exceptional service and customer satisfaction have always been one of our highest priorities.

We Develop a Personal Relationship with Every Customercompare online legal services

Although A People’s Choice offers an optional online interview portal for our customers, we are not a typical online service. All documents are personally completed by staff with whom you can communicate while we are helping you and who will be familiar with your case.

We encourage people to compare online legal services by shopping around and educating themselves with what various online service providers offer. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I purchasing blank forms or will a professional prepare the forms for me?
  2. Are the forms or legal documents customized to my particular situation?
  3. What type of support does the service offer? For example, if I am filing a court proceeding, will the service file my paperwork with the court or will I have to?
  4. What type of ongoing professional guidance is offered?
  5. How long will it take for me to get a response to questions? Will the person who responds know anything about my particular legal documents or legal matter?
  6. What have former customers said about their experience using the service?
  7. Are there any hidden fees? For example, does the fee I pay cover everything typically required in my type of proceeding?
  8. Have I compared the fees and services of different companies to make sure I am getting the best price for the best service?
  9. How does the Better Business Bureau rate the company and what are common complaints, if any, of previous customers?

Why settle for less when you can get the best services available by calling A People’s Choice today!

How Does A People’s Choice Compare to Other Online Legal Services?

When you compare online legal services, what makes A People’s Choice a leading non-attorney online legal services provider for California legal documents and legal forms? The information below will highlight some of the differences as you compare online services, what they offer and what they don’t.

Get help with your legal documents today!

A People’s Choice can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your legal documents!

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