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Getting a Divorce in California – Your FAQs Answered

There are several requirements each spouse must fulfill to get a divorce in California. This article is an overview of California’s divorce requirements and processes for partnership dissolution and provides answers to some of our clients' most common questions.

California Divorce Forms

Anyone starting a marital dissolution in the state of California should expect to complete anywhere from 10-20 documents during the divorce process. Luckily, at A People's Choice, we provide our clients with a full set of forms and walk them through each one. Looking for help with California divorce forms? Contact A People's Choice today!

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in California

We've all heard horror stories from friends and family about the expenses of filing divorce. However, divorce does not have to leave you broke or forced into bankruptcy! For anyone looking to get an easy, cheap divorce in California, there are many resources available to help you avoid making the wrong decisions along the way. Here are some tips on how to get a cheap divorce in California.

Paralegal vs Legal Document Assistant – Which One Do I Need?

What is a legal document assistant and how does it compare to a paralegal? Believe it or not, hiring a legal document assistant can help you save thousands of dollars you would otherwise waste on an attorney! To help you determine which process is better for you, we've outlined from A to Z everything a legal document assistant can do.

How to File Divorce in California in 7 Easy Steps

Looking into getting a divorce in California? We've broken down the process into seven basic steps you must complete in most uncontested divorce proceedings. From preparing the initial petition to getting a judgment and terminating your the marriage, A People's Choice is here for you along the way.

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