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How to Probate a Will Without a Lawyer in California

When a loved one passes away, you may face the overwhelming task of settling their estate. Unfortunately, for some people, juggling attorney fees on top of funeral costs and other expenses can make probate an impossible task. If this sounds like a familiar situation, you may want to look into how to probate a will without a lawyer.

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Changing Title on a House – How to Do it Right

If you need to change the title on a house, be confident you have handled all steps in the process correctly. It's always best to hire a professional to prepare a deed or other title transfer. Otherwise, with an improper deed, you might not have the ownership rights you believe you have. Worst yet, you might retain ownership responsibilities you think you no longer should have.

Divorce Proceedings: What to Expect

The divorce proceedings begin when you file for divorce and then serve your spouse with divorce papers. Instead of paying a princely sum for a divorce lawyer or stressing about preparing the divorce paperwork yourself, California law makes it possible for a non-attorney legal document assistant to prepare your divorce forms and start your divorce proceedings without having to hire a lawyer.

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