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Difference Between Power of Attorney and Conservatorship

Have you found yourself needing to care for a loved one who no longer can handle their own personal needs or finances? At A People’s Choice, we have helped California residents prepare power of attorneys or file a court conservatorship so they can handle the financial and medical desires of a loved one. But here's the problem. How do you know what process will give you the authority you need to handle your loved one's affairs? The following information is aimed at helping you understand the difference between power of attorney and conservatorship,

How to File Probate in Nevada County, California

Want to learn how to file probate in Nevada County? If you have done your research, you may have sticker shock at the statutory attorney fees allowed under California law. Imagine if there was a way to avoid paying attorneys fees and save thousands of dollars! Here's how...

How to Lodge a Will in California and File Probate

Most Executors have a hard time giving up possession of a decedent's original will. However, by law, the custodian of an original will must lodge the will with the Superior Court within 30 days of learning of the testator’s death. This is a statutory requirement under California Probate Code Section 8200. Keep in mind, the custodian can face legal penalties if they do not lodge a will in a timely fashion.

The California One Day Divorce Program

Are you looking to get a California one day divorce? Yes, it's true, counties throughout California have launched a one-day divorce program. This pilot program was created to help divorcing couples, who meet specific criteria, do so in one day. Be aware, however, the coined phrase "California one day divorce" is NOT what it seems. Let me be clear. You cannot get a divorce in California in one day. So what is the California one day divorce program all about?

How to Set Up a Living Trust

The process to set up a living trust in California is relatively straightforward and most people can do it themselves without having to hire a lawyer. To set up a living trust, you will need to know how you want to distribute your estate when you pass away. A People’s Choice can help you set up a living trust for a fraction of what it would cost to work with an attorney.

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What is A Probate Conservatorship in California?

A probate conservatorship in California occurs when the court appoints a responsible person (conservator) to care for another adult (conservatee). Specifically, a conservator is appointed to care for a conservatee when the court decides that the conservatee is unable to care for his or her own well-being or finances.

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