Our California Legal Document Services

A People’s Choice is one of California’s leading Registered Legal Document Assistant Services. Our services are specially designed for people who find themselves dealing with California courts or California legal issues and are seeking inexpensive, low-cost or cheap options for professional self-help legal document preparation service and guidance.

A People’s Choice brings over 40 years of expertise in the field of legal document preparation, providing low-cost California legal document services. Our array of services cover many routine legal proceedings people find themselves facing at some point in their lifetime.

Types of Legal Documents We Prepare

A People’s Choice can help prepare legal documents for a variety of family law matters including divorce, legal separation, annulment, termination of domestic partnership, child custody, child support, paternity, QDROs (qualified domestic relations orders), move-away orders, restraining orders, bifurcation, order modifications, stipulations and various agreements such as marital settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements.
A People’s Choice can prepare your estate planning documents including a living trust, will, advance healthcare directive and financial power of attorney. If you need to file probate, we can help you with all necessary paperwork for a probate affidavit, spousal probate proceeding, small estate probate or a complete probate. We can assist with the filing of a Heggstad Petition when property has been inadvertently left out of someone’s trust.. You don’t need to hire an expensive attorney to set up your estate or file probate in California!
Find yourself involved in a California civil dispute? A People’s Choice can prepare civil complaints, answer a civil complaint, and prepare and/or respond to civil discovery or routine civil motions.
If you are looking to set up a new business, A People’s Choice can help with the necessary paperwork to incorporate in California, set up a California LLC, make an S-Corp election, create a partnership, establish a Nonprofit corporation with the required 501C3 Application, dissolve an existing corporation or LLC, prepare corporate minutes and even act as the agent for service of process for your corporation or Limited Liability Company. Whether you’re setting up your business as a sole proprietorship or choosing a more formal business entity, we can help you with all of the necessary paperwork to get your business started.
Most title companies no longer help with simple transfers of real property. A People’s Choice can prepare most routine deed transfers including grant deed, quitclaim deed, warranty deed, interspousal transfer deed, trust transfer deed, promissory note secured by deed of trust, request for special notice and many other routine real property documents. We prepare California deeds as well as deeds for recording in other states.
Adoption is an exciting time for people – whether a stepparent is adopting their spouse’s child, an adult is adopting another adult with whom they want to set up a legal relationship or an unrelated guardian or foster parent is adopting someone they have cared for. A People’s Choice can prepare all the necessary adoption paperwork for California stepparent, adult and independent adoptions and share in the excitement during the process!
There are so many different types of routine legal proceedings a person may find themselves facing it is difficult to list them all. A People’s Choice can prepare legal paperwork for guardianship, conservatorship, name change, expungement and much more. Please call our office to discuss your specific legal document needs.

The Nuts and Bolts of Our Legal Document Services

A People’s Choice offers many added value services not found with other legal document preparation companies. These services include 24 hour document completion of initial paperwork for most types of cases, extended hours of operation, online services, a comprehensive self-help library, free legal guide for most legal processes and processing of all documents we prepare. Without removing the personal touch, we continually focus on ways we can utilize new technology that directly enhances and streamlines our ability to provide low-cost legal services to Californians, using online interviews, convenient fillable pdf worksheets, telephone and email.

Our legal document services offer customers two convenient choices for legal document preparation:

  • Easy online interview system. A great option for people who don’t want to take off time from work to start their legal documents -or-
  • Phone or in-person appointments. Call us toll-free 800-747-2780.

Emergency? We can prepare your documents in as little as 1 hour! Just ask us about our Rush Service!

Our legal document preparation services are always based on a flat charge. This policy allows our clients complete control over their legal costs. Flat fees also encourage expedient completion of the legal process. Our FLAT FEES include FREE unlimited communication with the office by email. We understand clients will have questions, so our goal is to quickly respond to all emails, even those left after hours or on the weekend. The best part about using our services is clients will never need to worry about getting a big bill after their legal document preparation services have been completed!

Pricing for many of our services can be found on our website. Fees quoted on our website are for document preparation only and do not include any filing fees or other third-party costs. Please call us if you have questions or need further information.

California law requires that every customer execute a mandated Contract for Services established by the California Department of Consumer Affairs before accepting payment or performing any services by our office. In order to keep our fees low, A People’s Choice requires payment in full when we are hired. We do not invoice for services nor do we offer any payment plans. Small discounts are offered if you “check in” through various Social Media venues.

Despite that we are primarily a legal document preparation service, our services encompass far more than just preparing legal paperwork.

Many online services that provide California legal document services require the customer to process the legal paperwork with the court or other applicable agency. We have found this to be a very daunting and confusing task for our customers. First, most legal proceedings are multi-step processes, requiring various documents to be filed at various times. Often the multi-step processing of the legal paperwork can be as complicated as preparing the paperwork itself. As a convenience to our clients, A People’s Choice will process all paperwork our office prepares with the appropriate court or agency for processing. We will also schedule any necessary hearings and community with you as needed to make sure your case is proceeding in a timely and proper way. Do not be fooled by the many companies found on the internet that merely prepare documents and send people off on their own with confusing guidelines. Our office helps clients from beginning to end, from filing the first document to filing the last document in the case. If clients require legal help beyond what California law allows us to provide or need advice from an attorney, we can suggest or direct them to other sources of reasonably priced legal help.

Our Legal Document Services Always Include:

  • Flat-fee pricing for preparation of specific legal documents (no additional or hidden costs)
  • Blank court fee waiver forms for qualified people
  • Facilitating the processing/filing of all documents with appropriate court or agency
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail Coordination of third-party services (such as service of process, publication or other special procedures, if required)
  • Client copies of documents
  • Free legal guide about your legal matter.

A People’s Choice offers a free legal guide for most routine legal proceedings; however, such guides may not be available for every type of legal process.

Get help with your legal documents today!

A People’s Choice can save you hundreds of dollars by preparing your legal documents instead of an expensive attorney!