Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney for Finances is an important aspect of estate planning. Sometimes an unexpected life event happens leaving a person temporarily or permanently incapacitated. This important document will make sure your personal affairs will continue to be property handled without the necessity and cost of court intervention.

Your Durable Power of Attorney is an important document in your esate plan. As such, it is essential that the document is properly prepared and valid.  If you search the internet you can probably buy or download a generic power of attorney template. However, if you do, be aware it may not comply with your state’s requirements and it could be out-of-date. Investopedia warns, “this document may be too important to leave to the chance that you got the correct form and handled it properly.” A legal document assistant can prepare your durable power of attorney for a fraction of the cost an attorney will charge. Using a legal document assistant for this important task will ensure your durable power of attorney will serve its intended purpose.

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