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When a loved one is suffering from dementia or mental illness and cannot make important life decisions, the Judge can appoint you to assist with making a better life for your loved one.

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California Conservatorship

We can help you with all types of conservatorships

General Conservatorship

Created for an adult, suffering from illness or accident, which allows you to assist with financial decisions and daily life activities.

Limited Conservatorship

Established for an adult who cannot handle financial decisions due to developmental disability.

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A conservatorship is necessary for people who have neither a power of attorney nor a healthcare directive, and have lost the ability to make informed decisions and care for themselves. A conservatorship is also required when there is an invalid or fraudulent power of attorney.

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Common questions about California conservatorships

How can I become a conservator?2021-08-06T16:56:48-07:00

To become a conservator for another individual, you must file a petition and the court has to approve it.

What is a conservatorship?2021-08-06T17:19:11-07:00

A conservatorship is a court process whereby the judge gives an individual the right to control another adult, their property, or both.

What would I be responsible for as a conservator of a person?2021-08-06T16:59:21-07:00

A conservator of a PERSON is responsible for making sure that the conservatee has proper food, clothing, shelter and health care. The conservatee may live with the conservator or elsewhere.

What would I be responsible for as a conservator of an estate?2021-08-06T17:00:09-07:00

A conservator of the ESTATE is necessary if the conservatee has substantial assets and income and cannot manage them alone or, if the conservatee is susceptible to being taken advantage of financially by others. Depending on your situation, you may need a conservatorship of the person, the estate, or both.

What rights does a conservatee have?2021-08-06T17:05:59-07:00

In general, conservatees keep the right to:

  1. Control their own salary;
  2. Make or change their will;
  3. Get married;
  4. Get mail;
  5. Have a lawyer;
  6. Ask a judge to change conservators;
  7. Ask a judge to end the conservatorship;
  8. Vote, unless a judge says they’re not able to;
  9. Control personal spending money if a judge says they can have an allowance; and
  10. Make their own healthcare decisions, unless a judge gives that right to a conservator.
Where can I find all the conservator’s responsibilities and duties?2021-08-06T17:04:00-07:00

A clear description of a conservator’s responsibilities and duties are outlined in the Conservatorship Handbook published by the Judicial Council of California.

Conservatorships Services We Offer Price
Standard Conservatorship of Person AND/OR Estate (1 Petitioner) with or without Dementia Orders $1500
Limited Conservatorship for Developmentally Disabled $1200
Add-on Fees for Emergency Ex Parte Conservatorship (limited or standard) +$300
Additional co-petitioner fee to any Conservatorship Petition +$200
Standard preparation time is 10-14 business days. Rush preparation of all documentation is available for additional fee $350+
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