California probate checklist

California law requires the estate’s personal representative finish California probate within a year to 18 months. However, if someone contests the will, or if other complications arise, full probate can take years. Therefore, to help simplify this daunting process, we’ve provided a checklist for filing probate in California.

What is Probate?

When a person dies with or without a will, the legal process of California probate facilitates the transfer of property to the person’s beneficiaries and heirs and pays debts owed by the deceased. In some cases, depending on the size and worth of the deceased’s estate, full probate is not necessary, and the heirs can use simplified California probate procedures. Furthermore, if the decedent has no property to transfer, they will not require a probate. However, a full probate, when required, is a lengthy, complicated process. More specifically, a non-community estate worth over $166,250 (if death was before April 1, 2022) OR $184,500 (for deaths on or after April 1, 2022) will require a full probate.

If you are an elected representative of a deceased relative or friend, use our checklist for help filing a full probate on their behalf.

Checklist for Filing Probate in California

  • Initiate the probate petition

    If the deceased’s property must pass through full probate, the real first step is filing a petition for probate. This form is provided by California courts and filed in the county where the deceased died or owned real property. Keep in mind, the court may require additional forms depending on the particular situation.

  • Set a hearing date

    After you file the petition, the court clerk will set a hearing date for the case. Then, someone will need to send notice of the hearing to all possible beneficiaries of the estate. Any adult not a party to the case can send this notice.

  • Distribute the assets

  • File a final plan and accounting

    After filing taxes, you must file a final plan and accounting with the court. This plan will lay out how you handled the estate as a representative. If the court is satisfied that you correctly carried out your duties, they will release you from all obligations.

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Simplified Probate in California
California estates with assets worth $166,250 or less may be settled without formal probate proceedings, using Simplified Probate procedures.

Low-Cost Help to File Probate in California

Attorney’s fees in a probate proceeding can be very high and are tied to a percentage of the estate. To determine the statutory probate attorney fees in a particular estate, use our online probate calculator.

However, if no one is contesting the will and no other complications arise, you can safely file for probate on your own.

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