California Family Law Matters

The California Family Law court hears a variety of different types of proceedings. This includes matters involving terminating a marriage or domestic partnership, child custody and visitation matters, child support, spousal support, paternity and adoption.

Any person can choose to represent themselves in their California family law matter. It is not required to hire an attorney. In fact, in many routine family law matters, hiring an attorney is simply not necessary.

california family law matters

California Family Law matters can be uncontested (meaning the parties involved agree with each other) or contested matters (the parties don’t agree.)

In uncontested proceedings, the parties involved are able to keep their case “out of court,” agreeing to a complete resolution of all the issues without a formal court hearing or trial through a written marital settlement agreement. Sometimes the parties are able to reach agreements from the outset, and sometimes negotiation between the parties is required. Even if a matter is considered “uncontested,” the final resolution of all matters must be approved by the court.

Some courts require a short uncontested hearing to be held, where the Court will review and approve any agreements made by the parties on the record after brief testimony of one or both parties, and some courts will approve the agreement without a hearing.

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As a non-attorney legal document preparation service, our office provides a variety of family law document preparation services at a very low cost. Some of our family law services include:

we can help

  • Terminating a marriage through divorce, annulment or legal separation
  • Preparing Marital Settlement Agreements
  • Establishing court orders about child custody, visitation, support or spousal support
  • Modifying court orders about child custody, visitation, support or spousal support
  • Preparing Responses to Petitions and/or various types of Motions in contested matters
  • Effecting the formal division of retirement plans through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
  • Establishing paternity
  • Obtaining move-away orders
  • Bifurcation of divorce proceedings (allows the marriage to be terminated prior to the settlement of the issues)
  • Preparing Stipulations and Orders by mutual agreement of the parties including modification of Judgments or previous court orders

We can prepare all necessary court documents in most routine proceedings covered by the family law courts in California. There is no need to hire an attorney. We make it easy for you to represent yourself. Select one of our packaged services or, for more information on a specific topic of interest, visit the California family law news section of our website.

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Marriage and Domestic Partnerships Proceedings Price
Short term Marriage/Domestic Partnership (no personal property, children or real property) $499
Marriage/Domestic Partnership with personal property (NO children, includes written Agreement) $624
Marriage/Domestic Partnership with children (Includes written Agreement) $624
Marriage/Domestic Partnership with real property (Includes written Agreement) $775
Summary Dissolution (Please check qualifications for Summary Dissolution) $499
Termination of Domestic Partnership through Secretary of State (Please check qualifications for Secretary of State procedure) $499
Petition Only OR Response to Dissolution $200-$300
Motions Price
Custody or Visitation Motion (RFO) $475
Custody, Visitation and/or Support Motion (RFO) $575
Emergency Custody or Visitation Motion (RFO)
Includes request for temporary orders.
$875 min. (add $250 for 24 hr. RUSH preparation)
Emergency Custody, Visitation, Support Motion
Includes request for temporary orders.
$975 min. (add $250 for 24 hour RUSH preparation)
Custody, Visitation and Support Motion with Paternity Petition $875
Ex Parte to Terminate Child Support at 18 $250
Motion for Change of Venue $575
Other motions with more than 2 issues $575 + $100/issue over 2
Motion for Bifurcation and Final Judgment documentation $825
Restraining Order (no children) $400 min.
Restraining Order (with children) $575 min.
Agreements Price
Marital Settlement Agreement only $250+
Stipulation and Order $275+
Paternity petition with Stipulated Judgment $624
Pre or postnuptial Agreement (basic) $299
Nuptial Agreement with complex, custom clauses $999
Grandparent Visitation Price
Petition for Grandparent Visitation within existing Active Family Law Case $850
Petition for Grandparent Visitation without Active Family Law Case $1000
Misc. Documents/Services Price
QDRO $499
Joinder only $250
QDRO with Joinder $749
Preliminary or Final Disclosure Package $325
Application to Serve by Publication $225
Guideline Support Calculations (3 report variations) $100
Trial Brief for family law trial (summary of issues only) $500 min. (depending on issues)

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