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California Petition for Final Distribution – Closing a California Probate

In order to close a probate estate, the personal representative must file a final account, report, and petition for final distribution. The petition for final distribution gives the court a detailed history of the probate case and explains why the estate is ready to close. Read on to learn more about the California petition for final distribution and how to close a California probate.

Best Source For California Legal Forms

Are you looking for online California legal forms? If so, you're in luck! In this article, we provide links to some of the best sources for free legal documents for use in the California justice system. However, be very careful when using these forms. Typically, it is in your best interest to complete legal forms with help from a legal document assistant like A People's Choice. We can help ensure your forms are filled and filed completely and accurately.

A Do-it-Yourself Living Trust is Easier Than You Think

Many wealthy people hire estate planning lawyers to set up living trusts for them; these trusts allow the estate to avoid probate and the taxes that go along with it. Placing your assets in a trust, avoiding probate, and sidestepping estate taxes are not just strategies for multimillionaires and their expensive estate planning lawyers. All you need to get your do-it-yourself living trust started is a registered legal document assistant and a healthy fear of probate and all its unnecessary expenses.

What Happens When When You Die Without a Will in California?

If one of your family members dies without a will, what happens to their estate? Can you control who receives which assets? What if the person is unmarrried or has dependent children? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more.

What is a California Trust Restatement?

If you need to make changes to your living trust, you can either amend the original document or create a new document with a California trust restatement. Read on to learn more about when a restatement is advised, and the benefits of restating a living trust. Then, be sure to contact A People's Choice to learn how we can help.

Choosing an Advance Healthcare Directive Agent

Electing an advance healthcare directive agent is an important estate planning step all older adults should be taking. However, how do you know who to choose and what they'll be doing? In this article we discuss the actions advance healthcare directive agents can take, and the qualifications you should consider before electing them.

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5 Ways to Avoid Probate in California

There are many ways to avoid probate in California - WITHOUT having to hire an attorney! In this article, we've outlined the top five most popular tools our clients use to avoid probate. Interested in which is right for you? Contact us today to learn more!

California Living Trust Preparation Checklist

With our living trust preparation checklist, a DIY trust is possible! Plus, by working with a registered legal document assistant such as A People's Choice, you can avoid high attorney's fees for help drafting your trust. Read on for our complete California living trust checklist and to learn more about the necessary actions that come along with writing a trust.

Free Five-Step Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning is imperative for anyone looking to ensure the well-being of their family members after their death. In fact, we always recommend that our clients create an estate plan. Therefore, in order to help out with this daunting process, we've created a free checklist for your reference. Read on to learn how to use it!

Why You Should Transfer Real Property Into A Trust

Transferring real property into a trust helps avoid probate, estate taxes, guardianship or conservatorship, and much more. If you're worried about what will happen to your assets after your death, considering transferring your property into a trust. This act could help save your loved ones from stress and difficulty when settling your estate.

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