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Sandra M. McCarthy, founder of A People’s Choice Inc., has worked exclusively in the legal field since 1976. She served as the 2004-2005 President of CALDA (California Association of Legal Document Assistants). She obtained a Paralegal Certificate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her career in the legal field, she has worked as a freelance paralegal, law office manager and paralegal studies teacher, and has co-authored numerous legal publications and written hundreds of self-help legal articles. As a registered Legal Document Assistant, Sandy is dedicated to providing affordable, low-cost, self-help document preparation services for California consumers in all 58 counties.

Get Emergency Letters of Special Administration in Probate

In a routine probate proceeding, the court will typically set the first probate hearing about six to eight weeks after the filing of the probate petition. Sometimes, there may be special circumstances where an administrator needs to be appointed immediately.  In this case, it is possible to ask the court for emergency Letters of Special Administration in Probate. These emergency Letters will give an individual temporary but immediate authority to act on behalf of the probate estate.

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How to Modify or Change a Divorce Judgment 

After a divorce judgment is entered, whether after trial or by settlement agreement, either spouse may ask the court to have the judgment modified by motion or appeal. People file for a judgment modifications due to 1) a change of circumstances or 2) court error during the trial. Read on to learn more about how to modify or change a divorce judgment.

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Requirements for a California Nonprofit

Decided to start a California nonprofit for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes? You must take specific steps to make sure you satisfy the requirements for a California nonprofit formation. Once you create a California nonprofit corporation, you can apply for tax-exempt status (501 (c) 3) with the IRS.

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How to Seal An Arrest Record

Are you looking to seal an arrest record? Quite too often, innocent people are arrested throughout the U.S. Fortunately, you may be able to have your arrest record sealed and destroyed to prevent members of the public from finding out about the unfortunate incident.

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Compare Online Probate Services

Recently, there has been an increase in online DIY services for California probate and estate planning. These services vary greatly in what services are offered. With this in mind, they all have the same theme - offering people a cheaper way to file probate for a fee that avoids paying statutory fees and is considerably cheaper than hiring a probate attorney.  Services provided by online probate services vary from platform to platform.  Here is an overview of things to look for when you compare online probate services.

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Conservatorship For Someone With Dementia 

Are you trying to get a conservatorship for someone with dementia? Nearly 50% of people over the age of 85 suffer from some form of dementia.  Dementia can become severe and result in a person being unable to care for themselves.  Unfortunately, when a person with dementia loses the ability to care for him/herself, a family member or some other person may need to intervene and set up a guardianship or conservatorship. If you have a family member suffering from dementia, here is some important information you need to know.

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Estate Planning That Doesn’t Break the Bank

No one wants to pay for estate planning. Putting together your estate plan can be expensive, and odds are no one will see the benefits of that pricey estate plan for years. Using an attorney, a person can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for a basic estate plan package. For more complicated estates, putting together your estate planning can cost over $4,000. While estate planning can be expensive, there are ways to minimize the cost such as using a legal document preparer.

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Creative Ways to Divide Property in Divorce

When a couple files for divorce, one thing that is inevitable is dividing their property. In California, the rule is that all community property assets (any income and assets acquired during the marriage) must be split 50/50. A couple could sell all of the marital assets and split the proceeds if they would like, but there are more creative ways to divide property in divorce. Sometimes a couple just needs to think outside the box.

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