Pricing for Probate Document Preparation

pricing costsOne of the most important questions when considering getting professional help for legal document preparation service is…how much is it going to cost? All of the services offered by A People’s Choice are quoted on a flat fee. This fee includes preparing the standard paperwork as well as facilitating the filing or other processing with the appropriate court or agency. Our flat fees also includes unlimited communication by email. Fees quoted do not include any court filing fees or other costs. Visit our FAQs center for answers to many frequently asked questions about our services!


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Estate Administration ServicesPrice
Trust Administration (1 real property)
each additional property +$200
Probate Transfer by Affidavit (non-court, for estates with personal property only. This process cannot be used for estates with real property. Property must be valued under $166,250)$225
Simplified Probate Proceeding to Transfer Real Property Not Exceeding $55,425 (up to 2 Petitioners; 1 real property)$649*
Simplified Probate Proceeding to Transfer Real Property Not Exceeding $166,425 (up to 2 Petitioners; 1 real property)$799*
Spousal Property Petition (1 real property)$749*
Heggstad Petition (1 Petitioner, 1 real property)$1500*
No frills Probate Petition Documents Only for California Probate with Order of Probate and Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary (document prep only with instructions. No court filing or additional support services.)$750**
Phase 1 California Probate Petition (Full Service with court filing assistance, arranging publication, notices and case management) up to Order of Probate and Letters of Administration or Letters Testamentary$1500**
Most Popular Full service, complete California Probate, facilitation of all court filings, arranging publication, administrative notices, and ongoing case management services$3900**
Probate Phase 2 or Phase 3 Full Service$1500.00/phase
Notice of Proposed Action (up to 5 notices)$250
Supplements to Petitions$250 min. and up
Other Probate ServicesCall for quote

*In these alternative small estate probate proceedings, if estate has more than 1 real property or 2 Co-Petitioners, additional fees will based on the following: +$75/each Petitioner over 2; +$150/each additional real property over 1.

**In full probate proceedings, the following additional fees will apply, if applicable: +$250/each additional real property over 1; +$250/co-Petitioner; +$100/each beneficiary over 5. Fee covers all standard documents for routine proceeding but does not cover specialty services that may be required in some proceedings. Probates must be completed within 12 months from date interview completed or an annual surcharge fee of $500 will be assessed for each year the case remains open.

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