Advances in technology have prompted legal service providers in California and elsewhere to evolve the delivery of legal services to meet their client’s needs. This includes creating solutions to communicate with clients through secure online portals and social media networks. From holding virtual meetings to utilizing software for legal document preparation, technology is dramatically impacting how and when legal service providers work. Read on to learn more about how technology is changing the California legal service industry . More importantly, we will share how this technology benefits you as a legal services consumer.

Legal Service Providers Without Boundaries

Since the tech boom, virtual legal service offices have increased by the thousands. Nowadays, it is almost a must for a legal service provider to have a web presence to stay in business. This includes a website and social media profiles.

Legal service management software has allowed businesses to provide services beyond the purview of a traditional brick and motor establishment. For example, legal service providers can connect with clients over the phone (FaceTime or Skype), complete and file forms online with local courts, and accept payments without face-to-face interaction. As a result of these advances in technology, legal service providers are able to service more clients in half the amount of time, streamline many routine legal processes,  and most importantly, pass the cost savings on to their customers.

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At A People’s Choice, our website offers a wealth of information about many different types of California legal matters. Prospective clients can contact us by a click of a button and instantly receive information regarding their legal matter as well as fees for our services. We routinely incorporate new technological tools that continuously help us work smarter and not harder.

The Influence of Social Media on the Legal Service Industry

Social media and networking allows legal service providers to connect with clients beyond their immediate locale. Legal service providers can use social media to talk with clients, share insightful legal trends, and find out more about their client needs. Legal service providers who do not have a social media presence miss out on connecting with clients and promoting their business online. With millions of Americans using social media, businesses that lack a social media presence will struggle to grow.

A People’s Choice services consumers and files documents in every county court in California. Over 80% of our clientele we never see face-to-face. We believe  “information” is power for our clients. At A People’s Choice, we routinely provide new legal content about a wide array of legal issues. Our articles are available to our followers on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Follow us to stay updated on trending legal processes.

Effective Use of Technology Directly Impacts Costs of Legal Services

Advances in technology have allowed legal service providers to cut overhead costs. For example, many courts now require legal paperwork to be filed online (also known as efiling) This allows matters to be filed more quickly than having to physically go down to the courthouse and file legal documents. Advances in software have also reduced the amount of time it takes to prepare legal documents. These cost-savings can be directly passed on to our clients.

As a legal service provider and legal document assistant, A People’s Choice has made it our mission to maximize the latest technological advancements in the delivery of our legal document preparation services. This has allowed us to keep our fees low while offering exceptional services.We invite you to contact A People’s Choice for more information. Learn how you can benefit from technology in the legal service industry for your legal matter.

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