It is not uncommon for an adult stepchild to be adopted. In view of an uncooperative father or mother, some stepparents wait for the stepchild to reach the age of majority to bypass the protest of a biological parent.  Adopting an adult stepchild allows a parent to obtain a parent-child relationship recognized under state law. If you want to know how to adopt an adult stepchild, there are some important things to be aware of. First, the consent of a biological parent is not required in an adult stepchild adoption. Once adopted, the stepchild has the same rights as a biological child. For example, adopted children can inherit from their parents through intestate succession under California laws. Parents can also make medical decisions on behalf of the adopted stepchild.

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How to Adopt an Adult Stepchild

First, when learning about how to adopt an adult stepchild, you may want to read California Family Code section 9300-9340. These code sections outline the requirements to adopt an adult stepchild. With this in mind, we highly recommend you review the sections before you begin the filing process.

Secondly, aside from a few courts who have set up local court forms, there are no standard judicial forms for the adult adoption process. This means that all of the documents for adult stepchild adoption must be prepared in pleading form. With this in mind, the moving party must draft a petition, the agreement, consents, the order and other documents from scratch. Furthermore, you must type all documents on 28-line pleading paper. As you can see, the Petition must comply with many court requirements. In general, however, the petition must detail the nature of the parent-stepchild relationship and the reason the moving party is requesting the adoption.

Upon filing the adult adoption case, you will receive a case number and hearing date. Lastly, keep in mind that the moving party and stepchild must attend the hearing in person. The judge will typically sign the Order at the adoption hearing.

Documents Required to Adopt an Adult Stepchild

The following documents must be drafted to petition the court to grant a petition for an adult stepchild adoption:

  1. Adoption Agreement. First, both parties must execute an adoption agreement. The adoption agreement states that both parties agree to enter into a parent-child relationship and recognize all rights, duties, and obligations of such a relationship.
  2. Petition for the Approval of an Adoption Agreement. Next, the moving party must prepare the adoption Petition. This document  asks the court to grant the adoption.  In brief, the petition typically includes various items of personal information about each party such as:
    1. The age of the parties;
    2. The nature and length of the stepchild-parent relationship;
    3. The marital status of each party, and
    4. The reason the parties are seeking to enter into this type of relationship.
  1. Spousal Consent. Another key point, if the moving party is married, his/her spouse must also provide consent in writing to the adult stepchild adoption. By the same token, if a party is single, confirmation of their single status is also usually required.
  2. Court Report of Adoption. In essence, this document allows the birth certificate and/or name to be legally changed.
  3. Order of Adoption. The Order of Adoption confirms the adoption if the adoption petition is granted. The Order is also drafted on pleading paper. You should take the order to the adoption hearing so the judge can sign the document at that time.

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