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Steps to Incorporate in California

Looking to incorporate in California? Learn the steps to incorporate in California without having to hire an expensive attorney. Step 1: Choose your name...

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Legal Blog – Helping People Represent Themselves in Legal Matters

Welcome to our online legal blog! This blog and our entire website is designed for people who: want to save money are not afraid of the legal system, and want to learn how to handle their legal matter without hiring an attorney. You will find our legal blog a great resource of legal information and [...]

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Score

If you are considering bankruptcy, you are probably wondering how does filling bankruptcy affect your credit score. It is true that filing for bankruptcy in California may impact your credit score, however, surprisingly enough, filing bankruptcy may not necessarily have a negative impact to your credit score. If your debt to asset ratio is high, filing for bankruptcy will actually help your credit score in the long run. Read on to learn more about how filing for bankruptcy impacts your credit score. […]

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Important Tips For People Considering Bankruptcy

If you find yourself considering bankruptcy, you are probably feeling financially boxed in and at the end of your rope. Filing bankruptcy can certainly be scary, so to help you feel more in control of things, be sure to educate yourself about the entire bankruptcy process before making your decision. You may want to explore [...]

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Do It Yourself Small Business Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Business bankruptcy is somewhat different from traditional personal bankruptcy.  Most people file either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  These two bankruptcies are very different and have different outcomes and purposes.  Moreover, the two different types of bankruptcies have certain requirements. Some people may have the option to file one, and may not have the option to file [...]

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Considering Credit Counseling Firms

Under federal bankruptcy law, before a person can complete a bankruptcy case, he or she must meet with a credit counseling organization. In fact, one of the required forms before a person’s debts can be discharged in bankruptcy is a certificate confirming that he or she has had the meeting with the credit counselor. This [...]

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Filing for Bankruptcy to Discharge Student Loans

When a person feels as though he or she is drowning in debt, the decision to file for bankruptcy may seem like the way out. While filing for bankruptcy can eliminate most consumer debt, there are other kinds of debt that are nearly impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. Student loans in particular are notoriously difficult to [...]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce in California – How Filing for Bankruptcy Affects Property Division

Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming experience in some cases. In those circumstances, the last thing a person may want is for the process to be drawn out longer than necessary. One of the ways in which the divorce process can be prolonged is if one spouse decides to file for bankruptcy in [...]

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Bankruptcy Court Ventura County Cases Reassigned by Santa Barbara Division

Effective May 10, 2014, Chief Judge Peter H. Carroll is now the main judge for the bankruptcy court Ventura county Northern Division in Santa Barbara, California, replacing Robin Riblet  who was appointed as  bankruptcy judge by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 1988 and reappointed in 2002. Judge Riblet is leaving full-time status after [...]

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Cheap Bankruptcy Possible Using Bankruptcy Petition Preparer

Many people are looking for ways to file a cheap bankruptcy once they learn how expensive it is to hire a bankruptcy attorney.  Hiring a bankruptcy attorney in today's economy is very expensive and can cost between $1,000 and $1500. Cheap Bankruptcy Options There are only a few options for people who are looking to file a cheap bankruptcy: [...]

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