California Divorce and Remarriage Made Simple

If you have already divorced, remarriage may be a scary thought. The good news is that going into your second marriage, you have learned from the mistakes of your first. As long as your divorce from your previous marriage has become final, you can apply for a new marriage license right now. If your relationship status is in limbo because you and your ex separated years ago but never formalized your divorce, the time to act is now. Getting a divorce is easier than you think. You do not even need a lawyer, just a registered legal document assistant for your divorce documents.

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What is Community Property in California?

Fear of the financial hardships brought on by divorce is one of the factors that makes people stay in unhappy marriages until they become certain that divorce is the only option. Every couple that gets a divorce must divide their community property, and not all states have the same rules about how to divide a couple’s property in a divorce. California is a community property state, which means that each spouse gets an equal share of the net value of the couple’s community property in California. You do not need a lawyer to fight for your fair share of the community property in California. By law, you are already entitled to half of it. Therefore, unless you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement about some other issue, such as child custody, there is a good chance that you can finish your divorce without a lawyer. All you need is a registered legal document assistant to prepare your divorce documents.

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California Divorce Explained in Easy-to-Understand Terms

Uncontested divorce is not just for people who got married on a whim during a trip to Las Vegas and regretted saying “I do” as soon as the beer goggles came off. You can complete an uncontested divorce even if your marriage was long (over 10+ years) and you and your spouse own real estate together. So often, however, finding information that explains California divorce in easy-to-understand language is difficult. Here is what you need to know about California divorce and how you can find low-cost help.

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California Child Support: A Parent’s Guide

According to California law, every child has the right to receive financial support from both legal parents. If the parents do not live together and the children divide their time between their parents, then the goal is for the children to have the same standard of living in both households. The amount of California child support is based on each parent’s income, how many days per year the children spend with each parent, and certain necessary expenses. You do not need a lawyer to get a court order for child support. A more affordable option is to have a registered legal document assistant prepare your child support forms.

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Understanding Alimony in California

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid from one former spouse to another after a divorce. It is calculated completely separately from child support because it is based on a former spouse’s needs, not on the children’s needs. All divorces where the couple has minor children together include a child support order, but not all divorces involve alimony.

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Divorce Advice for Men

Don't believe the advertisements divorce law firms often use to instill fear. Many attorneys want to make you fear that the worst will happen to you unless you hire them. If you believe what you read in advertisements on Internet forums, many horrible things can happen to men during the divorce process. Most of what they share are the worst-case scenario. with this in mind, you might benefit from some simple divorce advice for men. It's important to recognize that divorce will not ruin you financially. In addition, you probably do not even need a lawyer. All you need is a certified legal document assistant to handle your divorce forms.

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What Happens to Your Green Card if You Get Divorced?

Marriage has a way of making your relationship to the United States permanent. In fact, many naturalized U.S. citizens and permanent residents first get their green cards after marrying an American citizen. A US citizen traveling abroad may meet their spouse-to-be in another country. The spouse-to-be then enters the U.S. on a fiancé visa. Sometimes an international student with a student visa meets their spouse-to-be in the United States. After marrying they can apply for an adjustment of status and get their green card. But what is the relationship between your green card and divorce?

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Your Guide to a Painless Divorce in California

Coming to the realization that your marriage is over is a painful process. Fortunately, the divorce experience itself does not have to be. You may worry that getting a divorce will require months or years of stress and will drain your finances. You might be surprised that most couples are able to accomplish a painless divorce without all of that hassle, conflict, and expense. In fact, unless you have a very high net worth, you might not even need a lawyer.

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The Effects of Divorce on Children

Many people with divorced parents remember their parents’ divorce as a painful experience. History has shown that families often suffer numerous psychological changes associated with the divorce process. These changes include getting used to spending time at two different households instead of in the family home. These charges are hard for everyone. The good news is that it is possible for children to have a good relationship with both parents even when the parents are divorced.

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Should You Use DIY Legal Websites?

What do you do when you need the services of the court, but you know you cannot afford a lawyer? Your first step is probably a Google search about your legal issue. You will probably find several DIY legal websites in your search results. While these sites can give you information, there is no substitute for professional expertise in preparing legal documents. The most efficient and affordable way to get your legal documents prepared professionally is to have a legal document assistant prepare them for you.